Plug 5 "style radiator grille auto tuning

Plug 5 "style radiator grille auto tuning

04.06.2019 0 Author admin

This work has been sent to our "open-ended" contest entries.

The idea came to me spontaneously. It all started with the fact that I bought a second cooler housing, glued heatsinks on the memory of their Radeon and dispersed percent from 2.8 to 3.2. It spodviglo me to think of the series: how to make the body of the vent pipe and do not defile his appearance. My wandering gaze unexpectedly came across a hole pyatidyuymovki slot (plug, I took off for ventilation) and I suddenly remembered tuning grille on sports cars and I thought what a computer is not a machine!

The next half hour I spent searching the steel mesh. As a result, I'm an order confiscating a mother ... what would you think? ... right COLANDER !!! (A great thing in the right hands 🙂 and began the process. So, you first need to release the mesh itself.

Then stretch it so that the cells separated and the grid instead of a hemisphere formed a rectangle.

Then measured the inside of the plug 5 'in such a way that the inner edge of the left quite a bit of free space (about 5 mm). From the grid piece cut strip,

which is then formed here in such a thing:

Place it inside the cap and carefully primnogo corners. Now the most painful. It is necessary to remove the entire front portion of the plug so that only the edges were small strips. Personally, I was instrumental in vacuum and koryachilsya with hacksaw (which in principle is convenient) and a file. In general, I drank a rectangular hole, and then cleaned out the inside edge of the file. Then I took the net, cloves 13mm (length, not thickness 🙂) and putting it in a grid frame, fix it with nails. Nails need to drive inside, driving caps in plastic, otherwise the plug can not enter into the slot. And the fact that cloves stick in its full length - it does not matter, they still can not see outside.

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After all this, I like the happy owner of a small piece of paste GOI, furiously rubbed his tyunigovuyu grille to heighten the luster. For the first time it did not work perfectly, but cute. For everything it took me about two hours.

Here is such a recipe. Accordingly, we can do this kind of lattice anywhere - even in the holes on the chassis. Personally, I intend to create similar with the ZIP drive plug - one hell I do not have, but what will pull air !!!

Probably have to strengthen percent, not to udulo.

We look forward to your comments in the specially created branch conference.

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