TI DLP Pico inhales a new life in miniature projection systems

TI DLP Pico inhales a new life in miniature projection systems

04.06.2019 0 Author admin

At one time, the theme of miniature projectors - embedded in smart phones and just as individual devices the size of a matchbox - was for a long time at the hearing. Special development, it has not received due to poor performance projection systems. Typically, these projectors use high-brightness LEDs, making the image mediocre. A new life in miniature projection systems is going to infuse the company Texas Instruments. The TI developed a variant of reflective-processor template, repeating the technology involved in the matrix for theatrical digital projectors. This allowed for 100 % raise the brightness of the projection image when saving of consumption 50 %.

New matrix - DLP Pico 0.2 "TRP - will be used in some microprojector in smartphones, tablets, in video and photographic technique, in hours and handheld devices such as Google Glass. Diagonal "screen" of the matrix is ​​5 mm. Projection size in pixels - 854 x 480 pixels. The acronym TRP hiding technology that not only changes of inclination angle of MEMS-mirror (pixel), but also makes it possible to rotate it around its axis.

High brightness new projection matrices and reduced consumption will be as always the way in the composition of devices running on batteries. Separately it is necessary to say that DLP technology from Texas Instruments provides a fairly clear picture with an extended color gamut. For those who are not familiar with the principle of DLP works, we posted a short video below.

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