Tesla showed partial schematic image elektrokrossovera Model Y

Tesla showed partial schematic image elektrokrossovera Model Y

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As explained by resource Electrek, company Tesla used the next shareholders' meeting to demonstrate the appearance of the thumbnail image of the future electric crossover Model Y, which size will yield Model X, and popularity should not be inferior to the sedan Model 3. The last statement may indicate that the Model Y will be affordable enough electric vehicles, and will be produced by hundreds of thousands of units per year. Along the way, the head of Tesla explained that for the production of Model Y new factory will be built, the model will be based on a new platform, and approaches to the production and design of electric vehicle will be revolutionary for the automotive industry. This will allow, in particular, to significantly reduce production costs. It is planned that the Model Y abandon the heritage of the past in the face of the automotive on-board 12-volt power supply.

Image Source: Tesla, Electrek

Thumbnail image on top of the front view of the electric Tesla Model Y no mirrors. Tesla had long wanted to give them up, but in most markets it does not allow us to be certified according to the rules of safety. When released to the market Model Y, is not specified.

But against Tesla Model 3, it was stated that the ceremony of the first shipment of commodity electric vehicles planned for the end of July. At the same time will be launched and the online configurator, the number of options in which the first time will be significantly limited. In general, he admitted in an interview with Elon Musk (Elon Musk), the company plans in the medium term to increase the number of so-called "gigafabrik", which will produce electric vehicles and batteries, up to five pieces. The construction site for three additional companies have not yet selected. Ideally, Tesla would like to increase the number of such enterprises to 10-20 pieces. According to some estimates, it would have allowed the company to claim a 10-20 % global market electricity storage and electric devices.

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