Serious Sam 4 and other games from the studio Croteam this year

Serious Sam 4 and other games from the studio Croteam this year

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Recently, representatives of resource Seriously! We got in touch with the head of Croteam Ribarikom Roman (Roman Ribaric) and discussed some of the studio plans for this year. As it turned out, the developers do not intend to just let Serious Sam 4, but also something else.

Last summer, the company has already announced the fourth part of the adventures of "Hardball Sam" very unusual and humble way. However, besides the fact of working on the game and the fact that it will be released this year, nothing was announced. Unfortunately, this time the Croatian developers also did not make any loud announcements. Croteam only assured all that and now plans to release Serious Sam 4 in 2014, and its release is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.

The following details relate to work on another project: developers are building a completely new game franchise. Ribarik himself described it as a mix Portal and The Witness by Jonathan Blow, in which, recall, players will explore an uninhabited island and solve puzzles. In addition, a new project, according to the developers reportedly will delight players and an excellent sense of humor, but "this will be a very different sense of humor," jokes from the series Serious Sam.

"2014 will be a" serious "year for gaming" - said Ribarik, and all because it concerns not only games for the "big" platform, but also for mobile devices. In addition to the two new projects, Croteam release this year, Serious Sam 3: BFE on devices running the Android operating system equipped with mobile processor Tegra K1 (or older), showed two months ago. Mobile version of the release of "Hardball Sam 3" is scheduled for the third or fourth quarter of this year.

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