Website Advego (Content Exchange).  Overview

Website Advego (Content Exchange). Overview

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Hello everyone, I want to tell you about a site Advego. If you are looking for ways to make money online, it is likely, considering the option of selling the articles on content exchanges (eg Advego, Kopilanser, Neotekst and others). This is perfectly normal way to monetize their free time, if you have appeared. Of course, no one says that you can throw most of the work and earn well, without getting off the couch. But try yourself, I believe you need around. Let's talk which offers opportunities for earning Advego site (register, you will not regret).

I must say a few important things. Firstly, it is extremely unlikely that the income from Advego you will be comparable to what you earn in real life (although there are craftsmen who Advego to make really good money). Secondly, Internet gives you a degree of freedom, but work is work. This means that the work is still necessary.

Website Advego. What is it?

Advego certainly the oldest and most popular content exchange (articles) on the Internet. This site exists successfully since 2008 and proudly bears the title of "content center №1».

There are several ways to make money on Advego site. The first - to perform tasks that expose webmaster. Jobs can be very different from writing or rewriting copyright to repost record on social networks. Very often there are tasks that need to leave a review about any website or write the answer on the websites of the "question-answer" (type A Mayl.Ru) from accidentally left a link to a resource of the customer (back links are very important for the promotion of sites, so for is paid).

Website Advego - №1 Content Exchange

№1 Content Exchange

The second way to make money online Advego - store articles. You need to simply write an article on any topic that interests you and put it up for sale in the store. There's an article can buy the same day, but maybe it hung for a long time. How quickly will buy an article, it depends largely on the price for 1000 characters (with the kiloznak, as they say). If this rewrite, the price varies from 20 cents to about 2-3 dollars per kiloznak. Actually there is no ceiling, you can at least put 50 bucks per 1000 characters, but you know, the article will sell in the best case, have your great-grandchildren. The benefit of the price of an article at any time can be changed.

By the way, you can sell not only articles, but also poems and even a simple photograph. The main thing is for these photos to be unique, that is, anywhere else on the Internet are not met. The uniqueness of the content is checked automatically.

Still not be amiss to say that the big full articles with attached photos on the fly once or twice, even good, over priced.

The following article tells how to start work on Advego site and what are the rules, and especially in this exchange. And also tell you how much you can earn on Advego site. It is interesting to all 😉

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This article can be considered as my little review on this exchange. And it is positive. Work and earn money there really is possible, and if you ask for, then you can earn a lot. This is best done by selling articles. It is my view, and you can look and feel of a different method of operation.

Generally, working on any exchange of content, you will be prepared to make only if you like a lot to write and express their thoughts. If, however, express their thoughts you do not know, it can be a build. And you earn money, and in life in general, this skill is very useful.

If you have any questions about the site Advego (more precisely, content exchange), please ask in the comments. Than I can, so, of course, help!

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