Samsung has started mass production of 20-nm DRAM chips

Samsung has started mass production of 20-nm DRAM chips

04.06.2019 0 Author admin

Samsung has today announced the start of mass production of DRAM type memory chips with topological 20 nanometers. South Korean giant notes but DDR3 memory modules based on the new chips are able to spend up to 25 % less energy compared with similar products based on 25-nm chips.

Samsung explains that in DRAM chips, each cell consists of a capacitor and a transistor. Scale them more difficult than, for example, flash memory type NAND, consisting of one transistor, so Samsung had to modify the production technology - is applied to immersion lithography excimer laser and a modified dual pattern forming method and atomic layer deposition.

Interestingly, the transition to 20-nm process technology will enable Samsung 30 % to increase chip production volumes compared to the 25-nm technology, and more than doubled compared to the 30-nm technology class. The company notes that in the future the new process can be used for the production of chips at rates of 10 nm class.

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