Samsung may provide wrist smartphone this summer

Samsung may provide wrist smartphone this summer

04.06.2019 0 Author admin

The bulk of the existing "wearable" devices is a companion for smartphones, which are to communicate with the global resources using modems its "satellites". This allows not only to reduce the size of the wrist device, but in some measure to increase the battery life of the battery. However, we have repeatedly heard that Samsung is developing a "self-contained" version of "wearable", which will connect to the network using their own SIM-card.

Edition of The Wall Street Journal reports that the item can be presented in June or July this year. "Smart Watches» Samsung new generation will run on Tizen operating system, in addition to the voice call, they will support the ability to take pictures, send emails and use the GPS satellite navigation. Not hours, and the dream of a spy - for such devices the writers of fantastic movies and detective stories tell more than a dozen years. The way, the Samsung wrist unit with negotiating features first offered back in 1999, but it did not enjoy demand.

New Samsung will also communicate with other devices via a wireless Bluetooth connection, and for tracking the health of the sensor provides heart rate. It remains to see how long it worn on the wrist smartphone will be able to go without charging, and how compact it is. We must assume that the answers to these questions we will know closer to the announcement.

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