Rating Futuremark: vanity AMD reserve

Rating Futuremark: vanity AMD reserve

05.26.2019 0 Author admin

It has long been the world record in 3DMark tests belong to a family of extremely overclocked system based on Conroe processors, and the company Futuremark still does not allow to publish the results of their participation. In fact, the embargo on the publication of Conroe test results was filmed more 13-14 July, is now processors are already represented in retail, and the "board of honor" still reigns unchallenged Athlon 64 FX-62:

Recall that in the early days of the first engineering samples of Conroe in the hands of enthusiasts 3DMark tests with their participation could publish in the system Futuremark rating, but then they were removed because of the unacceptability of the publication of the results obtained with the participation of not yet announced products. Apparently, Futuremark's still believes that the Core 2 Extreme and Core 2 Duo E6xxx not been announced officially.

On the pages of forum XtremeSystems.org already started collecting signatures under the appeal to the Futuremark official with a request not only to lift the restriction on publication produced with the participation of Conroe test, but also to increase beyond calculation "parrots" for the main types of tests, as Conroe for them is not enough and record the results automatically cut off.

While Futuremark swings, AMD fans can entertain themselves with the thought that the Athlon 64 FX-62 "in the light of all the sweeter, all ruddy and whiter." To paraphrase a classic, you can say: "It is beautiful, no doubt, but living without glory among zelonyya oaks in the seven heroes that all are his mile" . In the role of the seven heroes here are the ones enthusiasts who have dispersed the Conroe processors, and set new records Futuremark. One can only hope that the heroes will be able to successfully lobby for their interests.

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