IBM semiconductor business is ready to move the company GlobalFoundries?

IBM semiconductor business is ready to move the company GlobalFoundries?

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IBM will lead business to becoming a purely service company in the last ten years. During this time, it sold out the basic "zhelezyachnye" divisions: manufacture of hard disk drives, PC assembly and release of components of the printer and the monitor unit, and eliminated a number of other specialized areas. Stone around the neck of the course remains the company's semiconductor business, including a powerful 300mm plant in East Fishkill. During the past year the semiconductor area has brought IBM's net losses in the amount of approximately $ 1.5 billion. This is no more than 2 % of the annual revenue of the company, but when sales are falling in other sectors, even 2 % may be the last straw.

Last year, it passed the information that IBM is looking for a partner for co-financing of operations. This offer is no one cause of interest. In the new year, IBM was forced to put the question differently. We are talking about the full sale of the semiconductor areas. Price of the issue, reportedly ranged from one to two billion US dollars. For these assets allegedly began to fight the company TSMC, Intel, Samsung and GlobalFoundries. According to rumors in the end preference was given to the company GlobalFoundries. Latest information indicates that IBM and GlobalFoundries have decided most disputes and close to a deal. Thus, the company GlobalFoundries will assume the obligation to continue the release of processors on the Power architecture for server and supercomputer IBM platforms.

I must say that GlobalFoundries company will be able without any particular problems to integrate IBM production chain of its capacities. At the time when the American plant GlobalFoundries Fab 8, the company was still not fully put into operation, the final stage of processing wafers with 28-nm semiconductors was held at the company IBM. It is worth to remind that IBM is a donor of technical process for the company GlobalFoundries and other group companies. In other words, they have enough points of intersection to the deal on the purchase / sale of the semiconductor business has become a reality.

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