Oral-B introduced at MWC 2016 "smart" toothbrush Genius

Oral-B introduced at MWC 2016 "smart" toothbrush Genius

04.06.2019 0 Author admin

Company Oral-B presented at the MWC 2016 show in Barcelona a new "smart" electric toothbrush Genius, which aims to improve the quality of cleaning teeth and help the user to brush their teeth properly.

The brush operates based on data from the embedded motion sensors and pressure, as well as data from the connected cameras smartphone, which must be placed on the mirror using a special fastening supplied. Data is continuously analyzed by Oral-B App application in real time, and the user can see what areas of the oral cavity is to pay attention so as not to miss a single site.

Oral-B Genius can work without connecting to a smartphone, but the developers say that the maximum efficiency can be achieved only with a smartphone. Like most electric toothbrushes, the novelty combines rotation and vibration, and based on data from the pressure sensor may increase or decrease their intensity, thereby preventing damage to the tooth enamel.

Internal battery brush is able to work for up to two weeks. It is also equipped with LED backlight, which, however, has only a decorative function. Buy "smart" brush Oral-B Genius will be in October 2016, however, is not yet known how much it will cost.

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