Optical tailless "skorostrel"

Optical tailless "skorostrel"

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No sooner had the first special detachment of computer rodents find optical sensors, marketers and PR-crates companies - manufacturers of steel on every corner to praise the benefits of new technology. The main asset of optical mice admitted there is no need to clean the dirt from the ball and increased the cursor positioning accuracy. During operation it turns out that if the first argument it was still possible to agree that this is the second caused the professionals skeptical grin. The fact that a truly accurate optical sensors inserted into their offspring, not all "myshinostroiteli". Very long optical mouse remained a luxury item because of the high cost, and when the market is flooded with similar products, the competition has become very acute. But the main weapon in the trade war in the computer market - is the price. Naturally, the low-cost products are not concealed under his plastic "skin on" high-precision optical sensor. Moreover, the majority of users, this was not necessary. Sheet perturbation low accuracy "shirpotrebovsky" optical mice were heard from mill designers and gamers. It is in these tasks sensor polling rate has played a crucial role - in fast mouse movements do not have time to react adequately. This caused massive frustration in optical technology from some user groups.

But here, as if he wanted to meet millions of people are suffering (although it did not tend to her on their core field :)), Microsoft Company has released a family of optical wireless mouse the Wireless IntelliMouse . Well, it seemed to be nothing special ... But! Please note the stated speed sensor survey - 6000 times per second! This rate has not yet been able to reach anyone. It must have a mouse has a remarkable accuracy ...

But the absence of the "tail" puts its stamp on the reaction rate is not the best way: in most wireless mouse cursor response to mouse movement occurs with a delay. This is due to the need of compression of transmitted data before sending them to the receiver and decompression for further processing by the CPU. CPU load is markedly reduced, but the mouse starts to "lag". But Microsoft's credit, the mice deprived of this instance of lack of - with the reaction she's all right :).

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Note designers work - for the ergonomics of product they can easily get a "five." The mouse is very convenient for work form.

Five buttons that allow rodent surf the vast expanses of the Internet only using the mouse - two side buttons scroll through pages backwards / forwards, and the top two buttons and a scroll wheel (it is concurrently and a fifth button) allow sufficient leeway. Fingers are harmoniously arranged in the recesses of the upper buttons.

The side panels are lined with special material that improves contact with the arm. And this is how it looks beautiful with "abdominal" part:

Mouse powered by two AA batteries, which are inserted from the bottom and hide behind a translucent cover. Speaking of appetites: the company says that the life of one set of batteries can reach 4 months. The mouse is very reasonable consumes energy - as long as it does not touch, she plunges into the "dream". But it is worth it move as it comes to life. Of course, in reality, it can stretch out on a set of batteries (which are used wisely) to 4 weeks, but certainly not 4 months ...

This signal receiver that connects to the USB bus, and therefore requires no additional power supply and makes the mouse compatible with Apple Mac:

Summarize. Accuracy and speed of response of the mouse has no equal. It is very tempered by "eating" good-looks and sociable (USB thanks). This is the new Mouse Queen - in its price category. And this category is far from common people - $ 88. But there are people in the world who are ready to part with this amount of greenbacks. This designers, artists, engineers - designers, lovers of dynamic games and connoisseurs of good peripherals and accessories.

Based on materials HW Guru website.

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