Oppasionata - review OPPO F7

Oppasionata - review OPPO F7

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OPPO company has always been for me in the first place by the manufacturer of the best Bluray-players. Their era ended in April this year (probably won streaming), and BDP-205 was the last model OPPO. I began to wonder whether the company will apply its innovative capabilities in smartphones? 

As I promised, this review is not about the technical characteristics, and so well covered in other reviews, and especially not on the camera pixels. He does not help you choose the best phone in the segment of $ 349- $ 369. If you do not wake at night the problem, or just do absolutely nothing already, you can read more.

General form

I put to the purity of the experiment itself the task to review as much as possible on the phone itself. Unfortunately, the phone's photo selfie camera in front of a mirror to get too much for an amateur. So that the official photos brazenly pulled off from the official site. 

I'd add only made telfonom selfie of himself and a view of the end. Why is he such a form? 

The phone comes with a glued film and silicone cover included. To use without the cover can, but a ledge in the housing designed for its existence, and the bare phone in the hand is not entirely predictable. However, losing in the exterior of the cover just get me a black version with a "multi-faceted" rear cover design.

Setting up the phone took about an hour, including 50 minutes of phone dug in search of something in the network. Perhaps the fault-riddled geniuses of ILV internet.


Phone security system proved to be extremely convenient to use - the recognition of individual works are almost always at an angle, in poor light, distorting the light. There is no need to press the power button, it is sufficient to take the phone in your hand and the camera will look at the space in front of her. Unlock the phone so much easier than completely disabling the safety on previous generations of smart phones, and there is no problem of accidental clicks.

In complete darkness, you can unlock the phone constantly running fingerprint, too, which sounds without a hitch, although they need to use except in complete darkness. The system works even better established brands; apparently affects selfie camera.

In addition, there is a standard for Android Smart Lock - holds the phone unlocked, as he himself. Experiments have shown the function is too sensitive, the phone is still working, is released on contact through the pocket and begins to rave. On F7 with instant reactivation of identifying persons, this function is quite useless. 

OPPO vs Flutterbeam

Of course, the main feature of the device is uluchshayzer photos. I did not fail to test its capabilities in typical situations:

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The smile will brighten all!

Do not forget about the main thing!

Limit of the system turned out to be 10 people. According to what criteria it chooses them, I could not be determined. There is speculation?

I will try to evaluate how the technology compares with OPPO future awaits us compressed by the middle to the distribution of the roots of the Internet:

Luster 1: 0 Flutterbeam.

However, the weak point is still found: recognizing faces in a closed-loop artificial intelligence apparatuses managed only a third. So that if the price of helium at 2018 optimum degree of water protection for the F7 can be considered as 70-75 meters. 

H - injustice

Circumcision on three sides

The phone uses the popular today screen format 19: 9 or 2.1 (1), on top bitten. Members gotech.life dubbed the procedure "circumcision on three sides." Consultations about the look-savvy professionals in question failed to get me a kosher practices, so that the consequences of such treatment with the display had to check visually:

Gad will - I do not see that your slider! 

We now turn to how the film looks at the extended screen. Format 19: 9 allows to watch videos or 16: 9 with the loss of 16 % area of ​​the screen, or in 19: 9 to zoom. 

Own experiments showed:

  • Approximate to 19: 9 professional video format 16: 9 do not look quite familiar. Standard frame arrangement leads to a cutoff of the head in the middle ground. However, if you get used to, it may be time to cut those same heads will become the norm.
  • Movies in Cinemascope format (from 2.35: 1 to 2.4: 1) looks perfectly as zoom, and without. Bands at the top and the bottom is almost, but also in tension picture anything meaningful to lose. As a safety zone for use Cinemascope screen region about 1.8 heights.
  • The most interesting - the format of 2: 1, is used in some of the new series. It lifted Altered Carbon, suspiciously named ST: D, Stranger Things ... This format is ideal to disconnect zoom in order not to climb on vykushennuyu part.

Zoom in standard video player is done by double-clicking. Pause while straying so horrible is not quite the same in the screenshots.

Just a little more bite ...


Screen working 2180h1080 - but I have always believed in the phone 4K whim. The ability of the phone's camera to make a video with such detail that it was worth to keep in 2160p, questionable: compare 2160p phone with a modern studio film in 1080p. 

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4K display that gives the phone, so it's a little more smooth fonts. But just does not make sense to watch movies in 2160p on the phone - to distinguish it from 1080, you can not always even a full-sized TV. Most of the still and processed digitally in the 2K DI (a full list of these 4Kfilmov - on http://realorfake4k.com.)

But 4K becomes a standard format for storing movies, and much of what I wanted to test, found me only in this format. Playing 4K x264 in some cases to work, some do not. House of Cards issued a message of high bitrate and slideshows; the same thing, only in space, The Expanse, the game is excellent, even without heating. x265 caused the brakes in all cases.

HDR in any form and by any software failed to start, was visible only from the usual gray haze wrong EOTF.

Colorimetric and other meters, I did not have, so for those interested in full screen TTX will refer to colleagues. 2000: 1 - a good indicator of the contrast, and it manifested itself in use. Even the dark cinema really can watch the screen does not fill the gray haze. 

The Expanse, 2160p. Надкушен.

In the sun, the display proved to be not so good. Although the figures of 450 nits should be a good indicator of the bright sun St.Petersburg (all three cloudless days a year) to use the phone sometimes I had to find shade. Before visibility OLED-displays, as in the R11, the LCD is still far.


I do not care what kind of phone is how many percent faster. Testers somehow very fond of synthetic tests and parrots, forgetting even to disperse the phone, and cool it with water. 

I care about the same question that all gamers at all times, "the crisis will go?" So I gathered some described in the internet as heavy toys and estimated speed using GameBench. 

Play quite comfortable: GameBench shows the 46 fps average, but the coast is approaching FPS 60. A slight fall near the earth did not affect playability. Just genre allows.

This is not to say about Asphalt 8, which delivers a stable 30 FPS. More fizacheski game just does not, which is why play it for me personally uncomfortable on any device. It's a pity.

"Ships" surprised me first of all by its very existence on the phones:

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Play, given lethargic ships, it is quite possible.

Behind the scenes there are still a few games that do not show nothing but straight lines at a maximum FPS for themselves.

Shadowgun Legends issued steady 30 fps in the automatic mode. After unlocking the FPS and the transition to the High / Ultra- 20-25. I feel like a playable FPS, but all the elements of the game are ground in the tablet and 6.2-inch phone to communicate makes no sense. 

Modern Combat 5 - 60 stable in the automatic mode. NOVA, a couple more games - the same situation as normal fps at the default settings. Tutorials take place to reach all the settings and bully them, eventually tired. 

Almost all of the phone is the game give laid down in them limit of the FPS, but full speed absolutely everywhere Mediatek P60 will not. Should I chase the S9 +, is everyone's business. 

It should be noted that because of the length of the mono speaker unit causes strange feeling. Sound really does not look like coming from the pictures.

No less important than the speed of handling. It is an adult flight simulator X-Plane 10 - among the last that I would expect to drive on the phone. Here's what happened:

Gathered on vacation? You are looking for a thrill? Let me be your driver!


So, what we have come? Exactly to what is in the title, because the smart phone with nothing to compare it to. 

So it remains only to add that I would like to see in the model development. All measurable impact on the value of the chips - the OLED display, IP67, more memory - already in this flagship brand, Oppo R15 Pro. 

Inexpensive improvements have included:

  • Stereo audio in landscape mode. It really is not enough.
  • Additional programmable keys on the side, for selfie or anything.
  • A more accurate setting represents a software aspect ratio and picture position.

But what is missing from the F7 other phones - confidence and speed of face detection. Even the model established brands, including pioneers in Bitten geometric shapes to lag behind in this.

If more than a little dream ... After 10 days of use, gesture unlock your phone look began to cause a feeling of incompleteness - and I want to look after that run the application on the icon and a nod. The quality of the front camera would be quite possible to do this - the Tobii camera was much weaker, but the accuracy is almost enough for a PC. Such a function could be a real asset for your phone.

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