Very interesting article about the picture of the world every human being and that it gives. (Developing)

Very interesting article about the picture of the world every human being and that it gives. (Developing)

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(Awakens Science)
Steeped in the daily cares inhabitant hardly finds in his life time to reflect on "their" picture of the world and arising from it, "outlook" - ie, about the 'how' he said in his presentation 'sees' the world, 'how' it for themselves willing and 'how' it understands. However, - both consciously and unconsciously - his activity takes place in line with the established in his outlook, and it seeks to meet its own internal "representation of the world and the prevailing values ​​in it." This outlook is in everything and always the picture of the world which - both specific and abstract - forms in man as a feeling of happiness, satisfaction, inner harmony, the strengths of his character, and his dissatisfaction, anxiety, disharmony, jealousy, hatred and other negative qualities of character.
As is known, it is impossible to objectively comprehend "inner", spiritual, mental or 'abstract' idea about the world with all the related aspects of higher Worlds (measurements), energy existences representations of birth preceding lives and postmortem existence etc. . However, it is possible to relatively objective analysis of the current for all people world view or view of the world in a particular area. It should be noted that, along with their parents, it is the large institutions such as public universities, schools, religions, churches, religious communities are more or less imposed on people (their) "picture of the world", often even in the unconscious mind phase in its infancy when the child is not yet able to think! Until now, there is still such a "democratic" process, in which the new citizen of the earth itself will choose "their" world with the help of education and science.

The value of the world picture corresponding Cosmic Reality
Why is the picture of the world, the most relevant of cosmic reality, is so vital? Because - as has been shown - and given the necessary foundation that is laid by the architect for the project being built by his architectural structures must withstand all loads. If it is not relevant, that is, not correspond to the main construction (project) due to errors in the design, then the structure already 'to' the beginning of its construction is a hazard, and if it ever will be started, then sooner or later will collapse even under the light load. Similarly architect person or company, depending on their life intentions and planned projects should also build their lives (activities), based on scientifically knowable factors and laws of the great reality to then create a foundation that will be permanent and lasting. The last two millennia, as well as the present, give a picture of the life of society, stunning in countless wars, social chaos, which, in essence, indicates the failure (defeat) sciences social and "cultural" sphere, because today they are still too far from the principles recognized the natural sciences and implemented in chemistry, physics and engineering, and in many ways even opposed to them.

Land - an isolated space "disk"? - Ptolomeevskaya picture of the World!
The greatest problem of the thinking of mankind is that society as a whole, as the majority of its "leaders" are still guided in their actions on the picture of the world, which in scientific language is called "Ptolomeevskoy". Under this system, Earth (planet) is not understood as a sphere rotating around the sun, but as a "drive" around which "the sun, moon and stars." "Earth Drive", and with it the "man" is the center of all that exists. Above the earth disc is dome "Sky" (the habitat of "God", with the church and the Christian point of view - "God the Father") - and the only people he created in the cosmos sentient being. According to this view of the world, the Earth is surrounded on all sides 'hellhole'. Even Christopher Columbus received warnings from the theologians to leave the intention to commit "circumnavigation" (India), since otherwise it will, in their opinion, will inevitably fall together with their ships to the existing drive around the terrestrial abyss. However, Columbus was the highest representative of the already - "Space" - a picture of the World, as evidenced by the objectively existing historical data. Emphasizing the significance of the "true" picture of the world based on her actions, TODAY should also be understood that if he was afraid of "the devil and the infernal abyss," that and stuck to in his spiritual Limited "terrestrial hole" because a false picture of the world and world view detained would be his breakthrough to the new. Therefore all cultures and civilizations must take this step to expand scientific, universal cosmic picture of the world, without this it is impossible to stop the destruction and self-destruction of civilizations.
With spiritual and analytical point of view, we, the people, without exception, are the product of historical influences, many spiritual and psychological, mental perversion (violence), which together can make a person much blocking his psychological drama. Today we know that in addition to short-term active "day or waking consciousness," there is never sleeping subconscious and superconscious. Recent respectively scientific center called instincts or impulses (the solar plexus, "belly") and the center of intuition (heart). Columbus and many other scholars, artists and scientists of the past have had a spiritual revelation the center of intuition, which made it possible to penetrate into the world of the Supreme Reality.

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Behavioral basis of man, his picture of the world
As noted above, psychology, psychiatry and other sciences to explain that psychological roots activities ( "motives") and human behavior and cultural and ideological groups, depend, primarily, from the current "in" man PICTURE oF THE WORLD and flowing from it "world" (world view). The main foundation and emerged on that basis the needs of programs that have developed within each person for many generations in the 'genetic' or depth-psychological (moral and spiritual) level, necessitate their corresponding satisfaction, ie Compliant! These "programs" in the mind can not be "erased" or forcibly "wiped out" (alcohol, drugs), it is obvious even after abstinence and moderation for a number of generations. However, on the basis of spiritual and open, conscious co-operation of those who they are, they can be replaced by the "best", and the corresponding consonant or 'overwrite as in the computer's memory, replacing the' old 'version of the defective versions of its unmistakable. Here is an example close to reality: in Russia 1917 - 1985 GG there was a system extraordinarily broad, scientific, cultural-religious education has changed a lot, "education". At the same time the forced abandonment of religion and the church, which were not replaced or compensated better, science-based, cultural, philosophical, expanded view of the world and the associated ethical public life scientists revealed the introduction of democracy (1991), the strongest cultural relapse -religioznoy situation 1917/1918 GG
It should be noted that one of its constitution and the inner self is arranged as a spiritual and mystical creature. On this basis, it is clear and naturally his desire and inclination for anything "metaphysical, mythological and mystical" religion. With the growth of consciousness in him grows the desire to know and understand the desire to qualitatively understand for themselves the deep essence of natural, micro - and macrocosmic relationships, especially all those natural laws, energy, and hierarchies that are directly or indirectly associated with life .. In this natural and the evolutionary path of the expansion of consciousness is not necessarily fall into the spiritual contradiction (antagonism) between the initially mysterious and later scientifically proven religious worldview theses. It is justified only if the "religious community" strayed too far - for example, by religious dogma and church activities caused influence and following pseudo - from the original 'pure' Teachings World Teachers. However, everywhere you can see the church and the Christian dogmatism, more than 2,000 years of domination in the field of vision and understanding of life, he turned into a dogma extremely unscientific interpretation theologically earthly nature. As a result, in particular, and for this reason, in the spiritual and cultural understanding humanity today - in the third millennium BC - stands on the positions' s geo - anthropocentric "view of the world, created by Ptolemy in the 2nd century, about AD .. And despite the fact that already for 600-700 years before Ptolemy, Pythagoras, and Plato started from the heliocentric and even galactic and macrocosmic view of the world, according to which everything in the universe is alive and with each other in a hierarchical relationship, and energy, the central church authorities of the time reversed already taken in mind the structure of cosmic-evolutionary understanding of the world to the level of understanding of the "stone Age." We can see it, for example, in US President Bush's actions and abundant quotations used by the Old Testament - as reflected in today's world events and has become an essential part of the motives of his military and political decision-making!

The main victim of a false picture of the world - youth!
That young people everywhere are grateful 'victim' traditional 'Enlightenment', while, as we know, can not even doubt the truth emanating from their knowledge. So the agencies responsible for the formation of the picture of the world, such as public schools, religion and the church, as well as religious and mystical sects are endowed with absolute freedom of action - in this case the State and the Church (religion) this freedom is absolutely dogmatic character. At the current level of objective scientific knowledge about the structure of space completely incomprehensible that in the public schools, for example, has not taught the knowledge of the "cosmic" view of the world and of the world outlook. The Ministry of Education, seriously believes himself to educational and educational institutions, would have to stop, finally, program youth, who belongs to tomorrow, the world picture 'the day before yesterday', - otherwise, do not be surprised if the young people to become adult citizens, It is very 'far from life and the world', helpless and weak.

The degree of compliance or non-compliance worldview actually defines the "rise and fall" of the peoples
thinking, desires, feelings, and actions of people and their lives are a reflection of their view of the world! Even folk wisdom divides individuals on the people "yesterday" to "dreamers of the future" of science fiction and barren, without knowing what is in fact a "realist." From the point of view of the author of these lines, a realist is the one who organizes his life in accordance with the Universal Cosmic picture of the world, knowing that manifested on the Earth plane the laws and phenomena inherent in the same way throughout the macrocosm. "Pessimist" is a consequence of worn it, "the" world view "of yesterday", which he certainly did not handle that leads him into a state of depression, making it denies helpless and "weak", and that, unfortunately, It transferred to its surroundings. Do not envy the heads of state at the head of states populated by the citizens, most of whom are ideologically "yesterday" people. That in these countries to eliminate vestiges of the past (ie, obsolete, retarding the evolution, pathological, outdated, false, weakens and so on.), You must guide the directions of scientific-educational character. The cultural history of mankind shows that many of the great power nations disappeared from the annals of history due to the evolutionary stagnation. Therefore, as soon as they understood the causal link between the false view of the world and the consequences of it negative consequences of public, social character, the absolute duty of the state management and democratic, scientific, formed the majority is to act! In the absence of the will to knowledge, and energy to the manifestation of the sequence, perseverance and the ability to make the right conclusions the future, in view of cause-and-effect relationships can be noted a further increase in degenerative tendencies. Both individually and in relation to entire nations!
It is necessary to unite people to ethically progressive, communicative and behavioral-based, socially and ethically feasible, as well as "fair" especially in those areas that are culturally, scientifically, the group, as well as socio-dynamic aspect provide spiritual and material well-being of society, the state, but often still act against each other (e.g., the faithful against unbelievers).
The ethical duty of any state leadership is that all the "wrong", the more recognized by science as "false", isolated from the people and, especially, by young people and, moreover, to "prohibit" and prosecute according to law. Youth protection can not be limited to the fight against sexual abuse - even more dangerous was the spiritual abuse. The above should be understood only in the abstract, because of ethical and philosophical reasons should not prohibit anything. Rather, the topic discussed here it is possible to oppose the true teaching, the best and essential to the future picture of the world, ie, active opposition ignorance can only be enlightened as the only true solution.

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For state management: - support to the citizen "voice of the heart" and use it for the good of the state!
You can also rest assured that every person behaves - more or less - in accordance with the "voice" of the Supreme Order of the guide to the principles enshrined in it to naturally intuitive. If this inner voice - "Mind" - is not idle and is not blocked by negative influence of locking practiced in churches and schools disastrous methods, it acts in man as helping him to his own mind, even if he has no intellectual university education. This voice declares itself, both consciously and unconsciously, before every important action a person and puts collectively formulating, before the person a question (conscience), "as far as his behavior is in harmony enshrined in it the physical structure and perception abilities as a spiritual and worldly nature? Is his behavior the law of life, as "he" perceives and feels them? "-
the part of any state would be wise to use this" voice ", known in all cultures as" the voice of the heart "for the benefit of all citizens. Interestingly, this is the voice of the heart of all mankind and ethically fair, he has the ability to comprehend the most important thing and see what binds together the phenomenon. Spiritual and dynamic performance and maximum permissible load of the individual and of the people to a great extent depend on how the underlying activities of the picture of the world is not a sign of "yesterday" does not block in man's 'natural' dynamic life and do not confront it, defective power deep psychological programming.
The public policy - as, for example, in the case of the "revolutions" in Russia and China, which cost the lives of millions of people - political leaders to resort to such radical and unethical means such as violence, destroying the 'reactionary' thinking and adhering to the 'old' world view layers population. It often did not guarantee that the so-called "new" picture of the world is with an objective and scientific point of view, the "best". So basically false from the standpoint of the Law of Cause and Effect are also options for the picture of the world, who come from the fact that the "random principle" alleged acts knowable human universe. Reflecting this principle are pure materialism, selfishness, social chaos, blatant lawlessness, purely speculative science, meaninglessness and hopelessness, nihilism, the inevitable consequence of which is the bare satisfaction of instincts as the meaning of life. From science it would be unethical to cast doubt on their too often enormously exaggerated claims to the truth - and such statements as, for example, "we still do not know" or "We do not have enough yet additional scientific data, which we will continue to look" far more than would correspond to the truth "! The term "Cosmos" of Greek origin and means the law "Order" -the same thing applies to the concept of "Universe". And nowhere in the study today Cosmos - which is already 17 billion years old - astrophysicists have not been able to find at least a small niche, where the natural laws and the laws in force for humanity, the Earth and the Solar System would not show such absolute identity and the law! Associated with countless "accidents" and something unknown to the thesis of evolution, according to which higher forms of life have developed on the basis of speculative, completely inexplicable principle of multi-accidental formation of self-consciousness of the atoms can be dismissed as nonsense - even if it is taught in universities. Religious freedom, which in principle should be given to science, determines the urgency of greater objectivity and "honest" scientific.
Exemption from the spiritual prison in which man and humanity mostly themselves painted themselves into a false spiritual and cultural guidance and there is still today lead children and teenagers, condemning them to a forced, spiritless studies may occur only through a major intensification of science and scientists. They should provide the meaningful politicians a clear educational and conceptual material concerning the need for a public teaching picture of the world, which should also be considered when making public all important decisions. A huge challenge for politicians and society today is the fact that even at the level of senior management in the "outlook" still prevails, - as has been repeatedly pointed out, - 'world view', corresponding to a primitive understanding of the Stone Age. People are still coming in, "geocentrically" and "anthropocentric", according to 'national' basis and, in addition, "selective-apart" - and, receiving the inevitable consequences are surprised that they are mostly carried out in the direction of "involution" destructiveness , degenerative, opposites (all sorts of "anti"), to the wars, and the civilizational and cultural sense too.
Parents and teachers with clear ethical positions, ethically serious democracy must ensure "hygiene consciousness", ie implement quality protection waking consciousness of the younger generation, to protect him from the "half-truths", delusions, lies, false, misleading information poisoned aspects of education, leading to an ideological dead end. They, of course, if they themselves are spiritually minded and enlightened people must perceive themselves as "filter"
higher knowledge to young people, a bridge between the theses and the "life" (everyday life), since often "highly scientific" knowledge come from laboratories, which are very far from life. The most important laboratory is life itself and the surrounding reality.

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The task of the churches, religions, philosophy
in the process of rapid formation of consciousness in the direction of an expanded view of the world church and religion are - once again (!) - to take on a positive and essential function (task). However, this requires close cooperation with the various areas of science. This task is intended primarily for the theologians, it is to clarify the existing, science-based knowledge of the cosmos (the Universe) as a manifestation of the higher order, from which the whole, for the planet Earth and humanity, too, the next highest "Space Control Laws of Life" spiritual and cultural (ethical) nature. The concept of "religion" is of Latin origin and means within the meaning of "feedback» (re = back, ligio = bond) with 'the existing Supreme Comprehensive Procedure governing the evolution of life in space and Universum'. On this basis there CULTURE (CULT = veneration SD = Light Start Source) in need of the application and the spirit evolutionary development. It only makes it possible to establish communication with higher (abstract) directly science are not "core" (the Center), with the highest, impersonal point or center of order in the universe, in which the 'flock' all laws and energy, and 'follow' (radiated) back in life. This Infinity in Space and Infinite in Time All-Encompassing Universe, of which the highest level of the hierarchical ordering of the force field, because of its multidimensionality, consciousness for more than incomprehensible, Leobrand calls in the following article "UNIVERALO".
Therefore, theology and theologians should show special interest to regain originally had their spiritual rank, "Divine" scientists "involved in the subtlest, the higher energies into space and Universum (eg," energy of the Holy Spirit "). It provides for close cooperation with the scientists who are doing research in the direction of "Micro-and-macrocosm" opened, in particular, hitherto unknown Energy, Hierarchy Principles further Laws of quality (spiritual) and quantitative (physical) nature. The high rate of cognitive processes will continue in the future - as theology and theologians to meet with naturalists at that level, which will contribute to higher (cultural) perspective synthesis, which may be called 'new' religion of the third millennium. Continue antediluvian thinking theologians should be, on the one hand, to understand that adhering to the basics and then geo-and-anthropocentric view of the world, they will increasingly lose the sympathy and recognition of people. On the other hand, natural scientists must be recognized that the matter is only "one" side of the coin, which is properly called "spirit-matter". Staying on the positions practiced today denying the 'internal', thin and 'form', the fundamental energies that exist absolutely for all forms, scientists only strengthen mankind is that it continues on the path spiritless and random, meaningless corporeality (material) life. The latter is definitely not true - because everything in the universe is arranged according to the Highest and Causal evolutionary sense or reasonableness -zalozhennoy in the law and the absolute principle of order.
The parenthetical explanations and additions are the publishers of this brochure.
B. Augustat

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