OCCT Perestroika 1.0.1 - in memory of the events of 1985 or the updated stability test

OCCT Perestroika 1.0.1 - in memory of the events of 1985 or the updated stability test

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Despite the seemingly complete failure of European countries from communism and related ideas are not all in a hurry to step back from it. This is manifested in different forms, some to join the Communist Party and the steps at rallies with banners, and someone creates a software that reminds about it to everyone else. A striking example of the "communist" test under the name OCCT (OverClock Checking Tool), the news of which slipped nearly a year ago on our website. Since then, it took a long time, but the basic principle in the program seems to have not changed. Externally, it is the same painted in red color software package.

The new line 1.x has found a number of improvements, including:

  • improved stability test as compared with the branch 0.h
  • three test modes: automatic, user, and endless
  • it is now possible to test using sixteen simultaneous threads
  • support monitoring of indications due to interaction with utilities such as the Motherboard Monitor and Speedfan
  • multilingual interface, yet with regret in English, French and Croatian

October 16 has had time to get out another update numbered 1.0.1. It were mostly corrected errors and added the ability to display the graphs version of the program, while they themselves PNG-files are now saved in the directory «My Documents \ OCCT».

View themselves charting has not changed significantly, they are all the same informative.

Immediately after the program back in 2005, a member of our conference, known under the pseudonym nemoW did some research on the correctness of the program. As a result it turned out not credible, since it does not converge with another known test S & M. However, this version is exactly reported about overclocking, and, apparently, it is memory because the same S & M issued similar statements. Is this time OCCT will show itself on the positive side, given the problems with the S & M to launch Core Duo 2 processors? This question can be answered except that multiple testing.

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Download one of the versions of the distribution can be at the following links:

  • OCCT Perestroika 1.0.1 (2.0 MB, installer, freeware).
  • OCCT Perestroika 1.0.1 (2.9 MB, ZIP-archive, freeware).

The discussion is in this branch of our conference.

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