Overview smartphone OPPO Find X: real fashion flagship

Overview smartphone OPPO Find X: real fashion flagship

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Specifications
  • Packaging equipment
  • Appearance and Design
  • Display
  • Hardware platform and performance
  • Software and firmware
  • Security
  • Multimedia
  • Wireless interfaces and communication
  • File system
  • Runtimes
  • Camera
  • Comparison with competitors
  • conclusion


OPPO brand now familiar not only to enthusiasts that regularly monitor for mobile gadgets. But it seems that even advanced experts do not understand, due to what the manufacturer keeps in the top five world's leading suppliers of smart phones. After all, the Russian market in recent years OPPO obdelyali. No, it is, in spite of the protracted crisis is important for all companies, and attempts to gain a foothold in the Chinese producer it made more than once. However, invariably met with a lack of understanding of ordinary home buyers, and what is it about the OPPO smartphone, that for them to pay, both the phones of the leading brands? Despite the fact that a full-fledged flagship device would indicate the level of technology, it was not.

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I do not know whether the situation has changed now, but that's flagship smartphone at the OPPO came. He was named Find X. The manufacturer is trying to build an entire legend that has always been a series Find it consisted of a top and advanced for its time devices. At the same time to include somehow Finder 2012 smartphone model year, which very few people remember. And if it is removed, it will do good at the time of its release the OPPO Find 5 phones and Find 7, only the last of these was introduced over four years ago. So that a continuous history of the flagship line here creates complex.

However, neither we, obzorschikov nor buyers cared especially should not. The main thing that was a good smartphone. Even better, it will be given its price. So in this issue we have today, waiting for the main proceedings.

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It is unusual for our site review of the smartphone. In good (hopefully) subjective. At the time, the authors Overclockers.ru the first to add a lot of instrumental tests to which it was not found in materials such national publications. But for a bunch of numbers and screenshots, in my opinion, happened, it misses the point. As some moments, based on the observations of the living, and the overall balanced and thoughtful assessment. I'll try to avoid it.

But let's start all the same with numbers.

Specifications OPPO Find X

450x494  43 KB

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (SDM845),
8 cores Kryo 385 to 2.8 GHz
video processor
Adreno 630
operating system
Android 8.1, ColorOS 5.1
6.4 "inch 2340 x 1080
19.5 9, 401 ppi, OLED
Built-in memory
256 GB, with no MicroSD slot
main camera
+ 16.0 megapixels 20.0 megapixels (both f / 2.0)
25.0 megapixel, f / 2.0
Wireless interfaces
Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac; Bluetooth 5.0
Yes Yes Yes
3400 mAh, quick charge Super VOOC
156.7 x 74.2 x 9.4 mm
186 g
69 990 rubles.

Despite the flagship characteristics, the first thing that attracts attention - it's the price. The smartphone has officially sold in Russia and is worth ... seventy thousand rubles.

A couple of weeks ago in the Chinese online stores offer flashed a little more expensive than 50 thousand rubles, but they were absent at the time of writing. So you have to rely on the official recommended price. And though after the announcement of the new Apple iPhone, this amount does not seem exorbitant, we need strong arguments to sell the smartphone for the price of Chinese brand Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The set gives a good headset, but it presents our buyer now not surprise - for the last time, they have become the norm the flagship segment.

So, what can the OPPO Find X bet with the same modern ninth version of the founder of the genre "planshetofonov"? Well, for example, in the memory. Note 9 for the money will be "on the minimum salary", and to get more built-in memory, you need to pay another. But here is nothing more striking. The display resolution is lower, and has traditionally been the flagship of China ignores these have become the norm, even in the middle segment parameters such as the presence of NFC and the degree of IP protection standard.

So what's wrong with that? Of course, those who are familiar with your smartphone, it is already known. Well, we will tell everything in order.

Overview OPPO Find X: packaging equipment

Oh, no wonder OPPO Find X presented in Paris. Box then clearly evokes the corporate identity package of the famous French luxury brand. It looks solidly, if not bonuses. I am glad that the form factor of the box is traditional for modern flagship smartphones - without the huge flat boxes that are abused, some Chinese brands in the vain attempt to appear more expensive than they are.

450x450  33 KB. Big one: 1498x1500  285 KB

450x441  43 KB. Big one: 1500x1470  380 KB

Any information about the device package does not spoil. On the front side of the smartphone only name, and behind - the official marking.

We were on the test got already fully certified device, it is such and will be sold in local stores.

450x415  41 KB. Big one: 1500x1385  319 KB

Inside, too, all the decorum: the first thing we were met by its own smartphone, carefully wrapped in a sort of thick polyethylene cover. Given that, and to the strength of the box no issues, reliability of the package can not be doubted.

The smartphone's put aside. What is underneath?

500x384  53 KB. Big one: 1500x1153  334 KB

And there - a massive charge with the "native" European plug, made in the corporate style of Apple. And the last question on the subject of how the company looks accessories inspired by designers, takes a wired headset.

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She connector USB Type-C. Output Smartphone 3.5 mm stripped (that we found negative in comparison with Samsung devices where the "minijack" is still present). So use your own wired headphones will be available only through an adapter. Since he too is included.

450x319  27 KB. Big one: 1500x1064  314 KB

Besides him attract the attention of cloth to wipe the device is almost entirely glass and cover-plate, which will rarely be cleaned at least the back surface.

450x409  38 KB. Big one: 1500x1365  365 KB

He will dwell. Hard plastic transparent "bumper" would be unremarkable if not for the form factor OPPO Find X. Keep intrigue more pointless.

Yes, everything is all know that we face a rare type of smartphone-slider with a sliding top. Therefore, the top cover is open. At first I was afraid that he is going bad to stay on the machine. But no, the worn strap is very tight, what is more, if by chance nedozatolkat it a smartphone for the first time came out at me, then remove the cover can be problematic - I'm really afraid to break, or the (still nothing) or OPPO Find X (already sad ).

450x374  32 KB. Big one: 1500x1248  300 KB

450x380  38 KB. Big one: 1500x1266  311 KB

It looks our hero in a case, frankly, so-so. Most image component immediately lost.

There is still a luxury version of OPPO Find X, created in collaboration with the famous Italian manufacturer of sports cars - Lamborghini Edition. There case included more pleasant: he, like the back side of the smartphone, made "under carbon" and looks unlike ordinary plastmasski interesting.

Revision proposals of Chinese online stores has shown that a certain variety of covers for OPPO Find X already exists, so that future owners of new items can be offered to choose something interesting "from outside". And while the "new thing" going-mail Russia, just gently contact with the device, but every day to enjoy his mind, not spoiled by the regular cover.

377x450  63 KB. Big one: 1258x1500  416 KB

Overview OPPO Find X: appearance and design

With the screen off in front of us ordinary modern smartphone. Yeah, great, but 74.2 mm in width - is within the allowable for the modern user. The vast majority of the models of the previous generation with a screen aspect ratio of 16: 9 and a diagonal of 5.5 "were 75-76 mm in width. And to the great length (or height, then someone accustomed to that) we have for the last two seasons have taught other brands of smart phones.

450x352  25 KB. Big one: 1500x1173  230 KB

450x356  38 KB. Big one: 1500x1186  325 KB

Thickness more than nine millimeters, in fact is not felt. First of all, thanks to the sloping edges on all sides. And the weight of 186 grams for such volume is adequate apparatus in his hand he had not seen "a brick."

450x391  59 KB. Big one: 1500x1302  364 KB

Everything changes when you turn on the screen. The manufacturer estimates that it holds 93.8% of the front panel - a record at the moment. And I believe him. Such a wow effect, I have not had since the first Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Then for some reason, the manufacturer has reduced the display, increasing the side frames, and the miracle of feeling lost. The same, in my view, err iPhones with the letter X in the title (well, except XL, sorry, Xs Max will not be taken alive fine crafts with a thick borders).

500x278  24 KB

At OPPO Find X side and the upper frame is beyond praise. I can not help but skeptical about the claims of the manufacturer of width 1.65 and 1.91 mm. My eye estimation supplemented Soviet steel ruler showed something closer to 2 and 2.5 mm from the edges of the smartphone to the "first pixel" display, respectively. But this is also a good result, and visually, once again, the scope here is excellent.

You can, for example, compared with Samsung devices. So, the Galaxy Note 9 at the same diagonal of the display in the 6.4 "housing width 76.4 mm versus 74.2 at our hero. And Galaxy S9 + at 6.2 "- 73.8 mm. These comparisons do not fully correct because of the slightly different aspect ratio screens of smartphones. However, the achieved combination OPPO Find X 6.4-inch diagonal screen, and 74.2 mm width of the housing still impressive.

450x331  46 KB. Big one: 1500x1104  363 KB

Below there is "chin", but, unlike most of its competitors, it is virtually invisible (to us no kind of Mikhail Anybody but rather Keira Knightley) - the manufacturer says about 3.4 mm. Yes, and "monobrov" is missing, which is also, apparently, will soon begin to distinguish between brands, respecting their customers.

550x423  61 KB. Big one: 1024x788  130 KB

But the flowers have questions. Basic options are only two, and both, as a fashionable this season, iridescent. The first - from black to blue, the manufacturer calls it "indigo sapphire." The second - from the same black to crimson, it is called "ruby Bordeaux." It seems that no one really masculine. Fortunately, in reality, they look much better than the official photos.

And blue is not as bright, but rather a sort of dark turquoise (can live), and crimson in fact closer to dark purple. It is this I chose to test. In general, if you like everything, but confused color, be sure to go look at the OPPO Find X live. Or it is possible to dig the third embodiment.

500x500  32 KB

600x335  54 KB. Big one: 1423x794  315 KB

Yes, without question excellent appearance of the smartphone variety exists. It is already mentioned exclusive OPPO Find X Lamborghini Edition. However, it is the fact and exclusive, to be more expensive. And, significantly: this unit can already compete on price with the top Apple iPhone Xs - its official price is 1690 euros.

338x450  43 KB. Big one: 1125x1500  415 KB

372x400  35 KB. Big one: 930x1000  227 KB

332x450  45 KB. Big one: 1106x1500  412 KB

Despite the "carboxylic" and back double the amount of built-in memory, it will uzkonishevy product (and even confused me somewhat gypsy branded theme shell; well, it can be changed). However, in some markets, such models (eg, Huawei Porsche Design) are popular. But in Russia, as well as these products, OPPO Find X Lamborghini Edition, does not plan to sell.

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So back to our "normal» OPPO Find X in the "crimson jacket."

450x326  35 KB. Big one: 1500x1087  303 KB

The upper part of the back - brace insert that same extension module cameras. Given that the objective lens is still not visible, and managed to make the front module is completely hidden, it was worth to try to implement the same and on the reverse side. However, this is not the glossy particularly annoying for someone, on the contrary, it would be nice to revive the look of your smartphone. And then they become very much the same.

Button - standard "hardware", then you can only praise the manufacturer, do not hit the minimalism with touch sensitive controls. Yes, and no backlash directly from the factory, as the power button on many Samsung Galaxy S9 +. Location is the same: Power on the right and left separate control volume. All buttons are clearly fall under the toe, to stretch them is not necessary. It does not have to look for (hello, Sony!) And a fingerprint sensor. However, because of his complete lack. For biometric unlocking in OPPO Find X is solely responsible face recognition. But more on that below.

Hull construction is solid - with the exception of the sliding module, of course. Materials - Glass Gorilla Glass 5 (on both sides) and a metal frame, painted the same iridescent enamel in the color of the case. Both windows with curves on the sides (as in the Korean champions) and further ground off ends (what is called awkward marketers 2.5D).

450x285  25 KB. Big one: 1500x950  233 KB

Tray for two SIM-cards nano-format located at the bottom. Ibid - only calling the speaker to the main microphone. And in the center - only the USB port Type-C.

450x336  62 KB. Big one: 1500x1122  454 KB

On top of the front side members are not striking. Barely noticeable only very modest barred earpiece. And even that is not true - in fact it's just the sound guide, and a real speaker is in the same slide. And that the speaker was well heard in the outer panel also made a slit.

I must say that there were no complaints about the volume during a call I did not have - the interlocutor well heard even in a noisy street. And while the smartphone, though sounds outside, but at an acceptable level; not to say that the conversation surrounding hear better than the same "Samsung".

450x308  34 KB. Big one: 1500x1026  309 KB

Additional hardware microphone noise reduction system is located in the same module at the upper end. But the infrared sensor does not allow you to control your home appliances - it is used in a system for luminance evaluation.

450x419  67 KB. Big one: 1500x1398  481 KB

About OPPO Find X appearance can talk a long time, and there really is not to find fault: the smartphone looks just fine, worthy materials, even fears of colors did not materialize. Extension module will consider in more detail in the story of the cells. And yet expected outcome of an enthusiastic list: all is beyond praise, it is really premium, and a breath of fresh air on the background of similar bars of varying degrees of roundness, with eyes on both sides bristling with cameras. For those who are afraid with the release of the new multi-smartphone in the next year to get fit trypophobia, OPPO Find X is salvation.

But only if in the tests performance will meet the flagship level. Well, that and see.

Overview OPPO Find X: display test

377x450  63 KB. Big one: 1258x1500  416 KB

Such a cool building - a frame for the screen OPPO Find X. He immediately impressive: OLED-matrix diagonal of 6.4 ". The edges are bent, and the black is not lit at all (the contrast is close to infinity - typically devices Glow in black in this case is defined as zero).

Brightness is declared at the level of 650 cd / m ? - and it is quite similar to the truth. The display is perfectly visible in the bright sun.

300x400  53 KB. Big one: 1125x1500  519 KB 300x400  57 KB. Big one: 1125x1500  567 KB

When testing the colorimeter I got even a little more - 657 cd / ? . A minimum brightness - just 3.37 cd / ? , The blind will definitely not at night.

But to automatic adjustment have questions. In the settings it is present, however, the standard sensor is simply nowhere to hide. According to the manufacturer, an infrared sensor on the top panel is used for illumination evaluation. However, notice how the Auto Adjust, I could not.

Accordingly, there is no new-fangled automatic adjustment of color temperature for the light conditions (in fact, popolzovavshis flagship smartphone with such a fast start with a mark of its displeasure at the lack of simpler models).

208x450  26 KB. Big one: 1080x2340  153 KB

In defense of the OPPO Find X is to say that he somehow manages to maintain a comfortable level of brightness of the display, and even when a sudden change in luminance with no screen problems. Perhaps, Auto Adjust is still there, just as the lightning, that, unlike other devices, its operation does not have time to notice.

The rest of the configuration is more than enough, you can set the same color temperature, and font sizes, and to specify which applications are allowed to go into full-screen mode, and much, much more.

208x450  26 KB. Big one: 1080x2340  154 KB 208x450  18 KB. Big one: 1080x2340  104 KB

208x450  32 KB. Big one: 1080x2340  286 KB 208x450  18 KB. Big one: 1080x2340  141 KB

But what is the matrix itself? With it, everything is fine. Natural colors (color gamut stated 97% of the NTSC color gamut and support DCI-P3). Of course, about any air spaces in 2018, you can not remember. Gradients are smooth, gray nowhere "no swimming", a slight shift to the blue color balance traditionally have, but not as besyaschy, like AMOLED-matrices in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and older.

Gamma curves:

450x300  24 KB. Big one: 1500x1000  40 KB

in "default" mode is the same color temperature is inflated. Cool colors in the settings is unlikely to be useful to someone.

450x300  20 KB. Big one: 1500x1000  30 KB

Color gamut traditionally OLED- and AMOLED-matrices - wider than sRGB:

450x300  66 KB. Big one: 1500x1000  276 KB

The accuracy of colors on a good level:

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450x300  58 KB. Big one: 900x600  110 KB

Viewing angles are excellent, even under the most acute angle from all sides of the image as a whole is the same as a right.

In fact, with such a large screen is already beginning, on the contrary, want to side to be seen less and the privacy in the same public transport is suffering (here banal joke about the smartphone for 70 thousand rubles and travel on the subway).

450x329  28 KB. Big one: 1000x731  119 KB

Test the uniformity of illumination on a black background makes no sense: that is not lit, in principle, may not light unevenly.

Display 2340 x 1080 resolution, aspect ratio 19.5: 9, the density of points 401 ppi. Pentile Witnesses sect (though I do not know whether it is at the LG matrix, and there seems to be such) may try to look at sub-pixels, but for me the image looks monolithic, colored "ladders" is not even in the most clear and sharp transitions.

The smartphone comes with pre-installed protective glass. Pasted it smoothly, without bubbles and closes the edges - this is the case, when it is really possible to live. And the quality of the oleophobic coating does not cause problems. Well, when damage or wipe, you always get the pristine home screen. It is true that there is coated, is unknown. I also did not immediately able to set Vibrate so that it was comfortable. The reviews usually do not write about it, but including the perception of the device is folded and such trifles. Especially when it comes to the premium segment. But a powerful vibration motor - it must be felt even in outer clothing.

Oh, and since we are talking about the touch of the screen, then here's one more objective test. More than I have fingers, and anything else you do not want to apply to such beauty.

208x450  18 KB. Big one: 1080x2340  136 KB

In general, "that we have those numbers, and so everything is clear." And it really is: how do not want to find fault with the "revalued the Chinese", the display on my very sophisticated look does not visually loses to that of the Samsung Galaxy S9 +, lying side by side. And it is also to be commended.

But we will find out of what to grumble. In the flagship is not a stranger to the OPPO company Vivo is already possible to find a fingerprint sensor built into the screen. Given the reluctance of producer spoil the smooth back (and, importantly, the price of a smartphone!) Cost to borrow in the decision "relatives." There would be one more point in favor of the Find X when compared with the tops of the leading manufacturers. But, alas, there is a nice big screen.

And in comparison with the same Samsung flagships can draw attention to another spelling. The manufacturer has added always-on mode screen similar to Always On Display at the Korean manufacturer. Then he modestly called "on-screen clock," and quickly becomes clear why.

208x450  19 KB. Big one: 1080x2340  111 KB

It's just the onscreen clock. And the date is displayed at the bottom.

409x450  34 KB. Big one: 1363x1500  337 KB

You can not choose their form or add an image. Showing notifications only possible for not enjoying our popular WeChat and QQ. There is not even charge interest, which I do not particularly missing after "Samsung". In the absence of LED (yes, there is, and it) does not "wake up" your smartphone, do not even understand, he is charged, for example, or not. Or maybe already fully charged. In general, the functionality of the always-on screen is in its infancy.

Always On Display the healthy person:

450x368  29 KB. Big one: 1500x1226  273 KB

It is in principle understandable, the same Samsung is developing this technology for more than one generation of devices, and the first versions also looked poorly. However, with such an example, it is still worth at least add a percentage charge. I've said nothing about such non-obvious things as the movement of elements on the screen.

As you know, OLED-displays fade over time. In normal use, this is difficult to face, but in cases where the same type of items displayed on the same spot for a long time, burnout can become noticeable quickly. To avoid this, things like navigation icons or wallpaper always-on screen is necessary for him to move. And in the same Samsung is going on in a small range and unobtrusive to the user. And OPPO Find X «the onscreen clock" jump all over the screen. They can be found in every corner, and it's not that annoying, but it is clear that the work on these functions only begun.

Overview OPPO Find X: hardware platform and performance

208x450  24 KB. Big one: 1080x2340  179 KB

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and RAM 8 GB. All you can proceed to the next section.

Okay, okay, some screenshots will be:

208x450  38 KB. Big one: 1080x2340  219 KB

208x450  27 KB. Big one: 1080x2340  160 KB

208x450  34 KB. Big one: 1080x2340  215 KB 208x450  35 KB. Big one: 1080x2340  210 KB

208x450  31 KB. Big one: 1080x2340  179 KB 208x450  25 KB. Big one: 1080x2340  143 KB

The main thing is that there are no failures. The interface is not burdened with the difficult Korean heredity, what is called "flying." Even heavy applications rarely are unloaded from memory, and when necessary, start and run fast.

The same Samsung only this year began to put 6GB of RAM, and eight Korean gigabytes of RAM, we probably will see only four on each side of the flexible screen in the next year (oh yes, they are in the Galaxy Note 9512-gigabyte version 90 thousand rubles).

Here, more than 5.5 GB available after launch. A couple of weeks "uptime" to take full advantage of your smartphone (and even tests) - more than four.

208x450  37 KB. Big one: 1080x2340  337 KB 208x450  36 KB. Big one: 1080x2340  299 KB

And separate compliment deserves a reasonable approach to the manufacturer of the display resolution to 2340 x 1080 points. It is sufficient to provide excellent image clarity, but does not load excessive hardware (especially in games). As a result, OPPO Find X is not necessary to repeat the clown number of other manufacturers with ultrachetkoy matrix, really working at a lower resolution.

In general, take a top "iron" and nothing is spoiled, the performance in all its aspects - a real flagship solution.

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