Review of Lenovo A6000: inexpensive multimedia android-smartphone

Review of Lenovo A6000: inexpensive multimedia android-smartphone

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Now, Lenovo is again ready to offer us something new. It has become commonplace, given the activity of the manufacturer in the mobile market and the flexibility of the approach in the formation of the product line. When you look at Lenovo offers a thought arises that without having what you want, just do not go away - there must be a suitable solution for everyone.

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Thanks to the online store DragonMart, this time it will be about a five-inch smartphone inexpensive A-series, in which the manufacturer has decided to focus on multimedia capabilities such as sound support Dolby Digital Plus, and not on the material body or battery.

Unfortunately, in the budget segment, it is impossible to make a premium appearance, charged inside, omnivorous, technological and long lasting smartphone. Where you have to choose one thing or to be content with modest performance balance. And what about our Lenovo A6000?

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The Smartphone can be found commercially in a single modification: 8 GB of internal memory for data storage, 1GB of RAM, and two slots for SIM-cards. A6000 officially delivered to the Russian market and is accompanied by local support. So far it represented only a black body color, but in the sale occurs and a white modification. We have to test the black version. A6000 price at the moment is at the average level of 12 thousand rubles.

We also note that it is already known about the Lenovo A6000 Plus version with twice the amount of RAM and built-in storage. You must add the white, red and yellow body color.

Specifications Lenovo A6000

Parameter / Device
Lenovo A6000
operating system
Android 4.4, Vibe UI
materials used
5.0 ", IPS, 1280 x 720, 294 ppi
Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 4 cores, 1.2 GHz
video processor
Adreno 306
1 GB
Built-in storage device
Memory Card Slot
Yes (up to 32 GB)
Interfaces and data communications
2.0 USB, Wi-Fi (b / g / n), Bluetooth 4.0,
(A) GPS / GLONASS, 2G, 3G, 4G, FM - radio
SIM slots
2 шт. (Micro SIM + Micro-SIM)
8.0 megapixel main c autofocus and flash, 2.0 megapixel front
2300 mAh
Sensors and sensors
Accelerometer, gyroscope, light, proximity
140.0 x 70.0 x 8.2 mm
128 g
11 000 - 13 000 rubles.
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The configuration was very low-key, but it is satisfying the minimum current requirements. Here, a good processor, LTE support and proprietary software interface. Weak points of the multimedia smart phone not we put the highest resolution display, a small amount of RAM, and a modest battery capacity. In general, the parameters of new items look good.

It's time to move on to the exploration of Lenovo A6000. Let's start with the packaging and appearance.

Packaging equipment Lenovo A6000

Review Hero entered the test in a white cardboard box.

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On the surface of the package printed company logo, an image model and basic information about the device.

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The machine is in a separate tray just below the lid of the box.

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Under the smartphone contains the following package:

  • USB cable;
  • The charger (5.0 V, 1.0 A);
  • Earphone Headset;
  • The protective film on the screen;
  • Plastic bag;
  • Documentation.

The quality of all components of a normal delivery.

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Headphones are one of the cheapest. It is strange that a multimedia smartphone, which focuses on the sound quality, we decided to put this variant headset.

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On the wire earphone headset is a control panel with one button and microphone.

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The bag is made from a resilient plastic rough matte.

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In theory it should fit tightly body of the aircraft, leaving access to all technological holes and buttons. If the coincidence of the slots on the cover of OK, then its size is slightly smaller than the size of the enclosure. This does not allow him to properly latched on all sides.

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However, the complete cover can protect your phone as long as you do not light upon something better for him.

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We now proceed directly to the device itself.

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