Overview of wireless router and wireless Totolink A800R Amplifier Totolink EX1200M signal

Overview of wireless router and wireless Totolink A800R Amplifier Totolink EX1200M signal

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Overview Totolink A800R
    • Packaging and delivery
    • Specifications
    • Appearance
    • Software
  • Overview Totolink EX1200M
    • Packaging and delivery
    • Specifications
    • Appearance
    • Software
  • conclusion


Before the coming school year, students returning from summer vacation and did start to prepare for September 1st. In addition to the usual school supplies, students become more active on the computer attributes and prerequisites, motivating the parents of these specifications need to improve the assimilation of the information and deepening of knowledge. Well, how to resist the son or daughter when the child requests go solely on good intentions?

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In the evening, many disciples are converted to gamers, in order to be transferred to the virtual world and take a break from school life (and do not worry: the homework done in advance). But who, if not you and I know that it takes a strong "hardware", and for good network battles for the best games - a stable connection and low ping?

To this end, the market produced many types of networked devices, each more interesting and more beautiful. However, we are concerned about not only the quality but also the cost and good performance.

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And the company has Totolink such devices. Unlike the more well-known manufacturers, the brand offers a router with full set of domestic functions and support for modern standards, which, coupled with pricing makes them attractive for the construction of a home network.

Next, we look at low-cost router Totolink A800R, support, as well as high-end solutions of competitors, working at a frequency of 5 GHz and MU-MIMO technology in the basic equipment, and EX1200 signal amplifier in an attractive design that can be converted into a separate access point.

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Overview Totolink A800R

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Packaging and delivery

Totolink A800R comes in a large container in a white-and-black design that bear the most important - the image of a router and a list of the main advantages. Among them:

  • Wireless network support IEEE 802.11ac;
  • Technology MU-MIMO - Multiple system signaling channels;
  • Maximum coverage.
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For a better understanding of what we have to do and get acquainted with a novelty on the back side of the box, developers give description of the model and demonstrate the features of the router is available.

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On one end you can find specifications Totolink A800R.

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Inner packing quite practical and made of pressed paper. Together with the router Totolink delivered a short patch cable, English manual and power adapter.

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Manufacturer Totolink
Model A800R
standards IEEE 802.11ac / a / b / g / n at frequencies of 2.4 / 5 GHz
The speed signal transmission Up to 300 Mbit / s at a frequency of 2.4 GHz,
up to 867 Mbit / s at a frequency of 5 GHz
transmitter power 22 dBm (max.)
The number and power of antennas 4 x 5 dB
WAN connection type DHCP, Static IP, PPPoE, L2TP, PPTP
dimensions 170 x 138 x 41 mm


Design Totolink A800R differs somewhat typical for premiumnyh solutions turn the antenna, which makes these models "similar" to the spiders. However, compared to the more expensive representatives of developers focused on the "stuffing" than striking elements and accessories.

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Plastic model Totolink body simply and primarily attracts attention with its "legs".

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antenna length is 235 mm, which is conditioned by the desire to make the producer router with the maximum coating inside and outside.

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Every element and every detail report of the producer, the benefit to them marked the brand's initials.

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The case design is similar Totolink A800R with similar models in the same price class and minimalistic.

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Along the perimeter of the housing is equipped with perforations for adequate ventilation. On the left is, so to speak, the only external control point router - WPS button for quick setup. She will be reset with a ten-second pressing.

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The back side is equipped with a Gigabit WAN port, four Gigabit LAN ports, and a jack for the power supply.

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Instead of the usual devices for standard rectangular design, developers have given their model of aggressiveness, hinting at the gaming slots on the front panel with sophisticated accents.

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For fixing on the desktop base Totolink A800R equipped with four legs, it is provided and the ability to hang on a wall router.

For beginners here placed quick memo called network login and password from a device serial number and characteristics.

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The blue LED on the case flashes occasionally, initiating router startup and signaling the active work.

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As the AC adapter is the unit with uncharacteristic conventional devices 9 and a current of 0.8 A, so finding a replacement will be a little more difficult.

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The main advantages of the product are available Totolink 5 GHz at a low cost and MU-MIMO technology.

Tell us a little about the latter. For the home router is important not only large area coverage, but stable connection with all the devices connected to it. MU-MIMO technology provides communication with a laptop, a smartphone or other equipment, allocating to each particular line and at maximum speed. In practice, we get downloads and video broadcast "without braking," coverage of a larger area, increased range and smooth streaming. Look at the results.

Testing occurred Totolink A800R router via a cross-platform cantilevered Iperf program interfaces for different pairs.

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testing Iperf

Routing Mbit / s
more - the better

Enable JavaScript, to see graphs

For an inexpensive router test results are good enough. Of course, let's not forget about the congestion of networks of some houses in comparison with others. For example, in my case, the situation is far from critical, and wireless devices feel quite comfortable.

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