Overview "antistrelochnogo" radar detector Highscreen Radar ST with a GPS-module

Overview "antistrelochnogo" radar detector Highscreen Radar ST with a GPS-module

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This report examines the Highscreen Radar ST - only "solo" radar detector in the brand's product range. By "surface" learning characteristics of the device draws the attention model's ability to detect the most modern complex signals "arrow-ST". Earlier on Highscreen "antikamernom 'career was marked by a hybrid Highscreen Black Box Radar plus, which combines Full HD-recorder and radar detector to detect the" Arrows ".

Note that in the Russian motorists game of cat and mouse with speed cameras have become almost a national sport. Apparently the relevant authorities are satisfied with what is happening there, in contrast to other countries, we have radar detectors are allowed to use.

Packaging equipment

Accessory Set expected - charging from the cigarette lighter, a miniUSB cable for PC connection (to update databases cameras), manual, warranty card and a piece of memo. It stands out the presence of two mounting options - bracket with suction cups to the windshield and the sticky mat to install the device directly to the dashboard. The second option certainly prefer many drivers as hanging from the windshield power cord may "offend" the aesthetic sense motorist.

Special attention should be charging. Highscreen used proprietary method which we have already seen in a hybrid DVR Highscreen Black Box plus and a number of other models of the brand. The fact is that in addition to "firmly" anchored in the charging cable housing, here there is a separate USB-connector. It turns out that while the radar detector works, we can recharge a smartphone or tablet computer.

Appearance and Management

Highscreen Radar ST, as befits a classical radar detector is to screen a rectangular "box". Size small devices, the entire 85 x 55 x 25, weight 85 The model is made of plastic softtach, so virtually no signs of wear on the imprinted surface Highscreen Radar ST. In general, the appearance of a radar detector on the one hand far from extravagant, on the other - it is quite attractive. Minimum "decor" - painted in silver color keys on the top of the device.

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Let's start with the main study model "informant" - the screen. The left displays a digital compass on it. Located to the right of the field, which shows the current time (if the machine is without motion), speed (while driving) or the distance to the detected camera / radar. By default, the brightness of the display will change depending on the time of day. At any time you can go into the settings and to establish to what time will activate an increased or decreased brightness of the display. Directly beneath this portion is set specified line, wherein the frequency range is displayed "caught" in the act mobile or stationary speed cameras. Special diversity should not be expected, as the majority of the so-speed control systems in Russia working in the K-band.

On the right side is a miniUSB connector is used for power from the cigarette lighter, as well as connecting to a computer (for updating the database with GPS coordinates).

On the rear there are no buttons, the convex portion indicates the presence of HF horn antenna.

Located on top of the buttons perform several functions. So, the key with the word «set» with prolonged retention will put us in the setting mode (the threshold speed for alerts, control frequency channels, and so on. D.). Subsequently switching between the parameters occurs brief pressing. «Mode» button a long press launches the alert mode selection menu. Then we pressed once to move between parameters. Steam button on the center sets the volume (the value is displayed on the screen), long hold adjusts the sensitivity of the radar detector.

There are four levels of sensitivity from low to high (0-1-2-3). Within Moscow we had the "units" to count only two false positives - when any camera we did not see on the road, either in our alternative camera card (borrowed from Mapcam.info project). On the track the "two" was enough to proactively detect mobile ambush. Typically, the radar detector is notified of the "danger" from a distance of 1200-1400 meters. In urban settings, depending on rotations or distances in a straight line in the middle we were kept "in the loop" for 700-900 meters.

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work especially

All warnings are five modes, for each of these additional settings are available. Modes reduced to combinations of approaching the camera warnings exceeding speed limits of the allowed speed (if exceeded) and hazardous areas. Also may be switched off to participate in the process of its own base camera coordinates, the location thereof is related to the movement of the machine to determine when approached. Further "for adjustment" allows you to make a choice, we will hear the tone and voice alert separately or together.

On the sticky mat next to the detector it is possible to locate even the phone.

Of course, most of us are interested in aspects of Highscreen Radar ST, allowing the model to detect speed cameras. The frequency range is almost a classic: X, K, Ku and Ka. The stated limit warning distance is 1500 meters. We should also question the detection of the modern complex "Arrow-ST", which since its launch on the roads has brought a lot of headaches scorcher. Not at once it became clear that the front of the complex powerless radar detectors, issued before 2012. Because developers "Arrows" set pulse 15 nm instead of "usual" of 60 nm. Therefore, the detection chambers of this type are always separate registers in radar detectors. Note that specifically on the "Arrow" reaction Highscreen Radar ST makes itself felt from 400-700 meters. Our race on a straight road sections revealed that generally, "notification" coming of 600-650 meters.

The only serious drawback of the model is the lack of a circular receiving chambers signals. The good news is that in Russia "shooting" while moving the camera cars are uncommon.


Highscreen Radar ST sells for 4990 rubles, which corresponds to the average level of prices for radar detectors with GPS module, the discovery of "Arrows-ST" and 1.5-km distance warning other cameras. From the noted disadvantages can not too bright screen (no anti-reflective coating), in addition, Highscreen Radar ST does not support L-band and Truecam detection chambers. From pluses - good filtration of false alarms, evidence of only two "unreasonable" response for almost a week of testing. It implemented a number of settings modes and alerts. If you already have a DVR, and you do not want to get a hybrid device, the model will be considered a good candidate for purchase.

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