Overview android-smartphone Ulefone Mix: available "bezramochnik"

Overview android-smartphone Ulefone Mix: available "bezramochnik"

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Specifications
  • Packaging equipment
  • Appearance and Design
  • Display
  • Hardware platform and performance
  • Software and firmware
  • Multimedia
  • Wireless interfaces and communication
  • File system
  • Runtimes
  • Camera
  • Comparison with competitors
  • conclusion
  • More pictures


The emergence of Xiaomi Mi Mix not only approved class of "frameless" smart phones, but also to determine one of the main trends smartfonostroeniya. Time has shown that consumers react positively to this proposal, and Chinese companies are not forced to wait long, offering machines with a minimum display frame at the top and on the sides.

And if the original was an absolute leader with the appropriate value, the numerous Chinese model for the most part concentrated in the budget price segment. He offered his own version, and the company Ulefone.

200x61  6 KB

Earlier in the laboratory has already visited a number of smartphones, including the second version of the Xiaomi Mi Mix, with a suspiciously similar names (Vernee Mix 2 and Doogee Mix) and at least a similar design concept. Today their numbers have grown - Meet Ulefone Mix!

450x416  178 KB. Big one: 640x593  296 KB

To begin to evaluate the technical characteristics of the device.

Specifications Ulefone Mix

device type
Ulefone Mix
MediaTek MT6750T, 8 x 1.5 GHz
video processor
Mali-T860 MP2
operating system
Android 7.0
Memory GB
4 RAM; 64 ROOM
5.5″ IPS 1280 x 720
Camera megapixels
13.0 + 5.0 + 8.0
Number of SIM-cards, pcs.
2 (nano-SIM + micro-SIM)
Support MicroSD
Wireless interfaces
Wi-Fi; Bluetooth
Yes Yes Yes
Battery mAh
Dimensions in mm
143.0 x 75.0 x 8.7
Weight, g
price, rub.
~ 8000

Characteristics though not dazzling, but impressive for its cost. Most attracted the attention of a large stock of RAM.

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Packaging equipment Ulefone Mix

The smartphone comes in a cardboard box of medium size. The quality of materials and assembly there are no claims for the preservation of the contents do not have to worry during transportation.

Structurally, we face a typical box with a lid that covers the ends. The lid itself sits in its place is not too tight.

450x393  29 KB. Big one: 1144x1000  470 KB

On the photo you can see the front side of the device, as well as the manufacturer's logo and the name of the device model.

On the side faces just put your logo, and the upper end of the label is occupied with the identification information unit.

The reverse side has turned practically empty. It is only a small sticker on the bottom of draws attention to the main technical characteristics of the model.

450x357  23 KB. Big one: 1260x1000  483 KB

However, this is enough to get a general impression of the possibilities. It is worth noting the absence of the factory seal, preventing unauthorized access to content. Be careful when buying and inspect the contents of the box for use of the tracks.

Inside we immediately meets the smartphone itself. He wears a silicone protective cover and packaged in an electrostatic bag, the conveying protective film is present on the display.

450x387  27 KB. Big one: 1164x1000  527 KB

A package is located under the smartphone. Besides the standard set of accessories present silicone case, the protective film for the display and ...

450x376  24 KB. Big one: 1196x1000  499 KB

... strange accessory in the form of adhering to the back side of the ring body of the pin. I wonder who enjoys it?

450x385  27 KB. Big one: 1040x889  412 KB

The package includes:

  • Power adapter;
  • Cable USB - microUSB;
  • Silicone Case;
  • Protective film for display;
  • Ring on the back cover;
  • Documentation.

Packaging turned out simple and robust, without causing concern for the safety of the contents during transport. The only thing that did not like - the absence of the factory seal. So, under the guise of the new smartphone could easily try to sell a used machine - be careful.

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