New details on Socket G34 platform from AMD

New details on Socket G34 platform from AMD

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In May of this year, AMD has tried to explain how it will develop multi-core server processors until 2010. The former eight-processor Montreal from plans of the company disappeared in the second half of 2009 it will have to replace the six-core Istanbul processor, capable of operating in motherboards with socket Socket F. releases this processor will be on 45 nm technology, like its predecessor, Shanghai.

Note that in the server segment AMD will wait with the introduction of DDR-3 memory support type to the first half of 2010. That's when there will be processors in execution Socket G34, which will acquire the memory controllers with support for DDR-3. As the site DailyTech , processors in the performance of Socket G34 will support DDR3-800 and DDR3-1600 modules in the four-channel configuration, including register DIMM. Obviously, AMD wants to surpass Intel in the amount of supported memory channels - with the release of Bloomfield their number will increase to three.

The number of contacts at the processor performance Socket G34 will increase from the current 1207 units to 1974 units. Additional contacts need not only for a four-channel memory controller, but for HyperTransport 3.0 bus, which will now be released in the amount of four channels per processor. A fourth channel may be used to communicate with a specialized co-processor, as it assumes Torrenza platform.

The characteristics of this generation of processors has been a change. Previously it was thought that the processors Sao Paolo will have six cores and 6 MB cache in the third level. It now appears that Sao Paolo will eight cores (four cores in each of the two crystals), and the third level cache volume increase to 12 MB. Magny-Cours processors will have twelve cores and the same 12 MB cache in the third level. Each core Magny-Cours and Sao Paolo receive 512 KB cache. Once again, recall that these processors will work in the server segment, and we do not have a clear idea of ​​the sample in 2010 AMD desktop updates a year. We can only say with some confidence that AMD is not going to part with the 45-nm process technology to 2010-2011.

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