The new 10.5 "and 12.9" iPad Pro with 4 GB of RAM

The new 10.5 "and 12.9" iPad Pro with 4 GB of RAM

04.06.2019 0 Author admin

Apple is usually not voiced amount of RAM your mobile devices. This is what happened with the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro and updated 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which were presented at the World Conference WWDC 2017 developer last week.

On the amount of RAM the new iPad Pro is not a word was said at WWDC 2017. Not Set it on the official site of Apple. However, due to the Geekbench benchmark, we learned that the new plates have 4 GB of RAM. In combination with a powerful processor A10X Fusion is the iPad Pro provides high performance. This is confirmed by the results of Geekbench, what reports PhoneArena. 10.5-inch iPad Pro got 3915 points in the benchmark single core and 9387 points in multi-core mode.

Recall that in Russia the price of 10.5-inch iPad Pro will start with a mark of 46 990 rubles for a younger version with Wi-Fi and 64 GB of internal memory and up to 77 990 rubles for the top-end model with a drive of 512 GB and support of cellular communication. As for the iPad Pro with 12.9-inch screen, it is offered at a price of 58,990 rubles to 89,990 rubles. Given the high cost of new iPad Pro and loss of interest in tablets, a high risk that they will remain niche devices for professionals and enthusiasts.

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