A new game from the creators of Surgeon Simulator will provide an opportunity to play for a slice of bread

A new game from the creators of Surgeon Simulator will provide an opportunity to play for a slice of bread

04.06.2019 0 Author admin

Obviously, this year in the gaming industry will remain in history as the year of sim games, moreover it is not about banal things like fresh of the FIFA or the F1, and simulators that simulate amenable to extremely hard. For example, the simulator mountains or violent activity which the individual cloven-hoofed, or, finally, bear simulator. The next step is another representative of this class of games - a simulator of bread.

However, due to the specific characteristics of call it the simulator can only be a stretch. However, the game still deserves attention if only because it's the next project Surgeon Simulator developer, Bossa Studios team. As developers have reported on its website, the game is called I Am Bread tells "the story of a beautiful slice of bread, who has decided to go on an epic and emotional quest straight into the toaster." Controlling the main hero of the game made a few buttons, and each button is responsible for a certain slice angle - just like a ragdoll game QWOP. The debut video game shows, as the bread travels to the kitchen, climbing walls and spinning on a ventilator. Also, the protagonist can collect on a variety of kitchen utensils, which obviously somehow help in the passage of missions.

According to the video you can see that in the game there are indicators of "edible" and "goodies" that are likely to reflect the effect of appetite that occurs in humans looking for bread, who had visited all the dark corners of the kitchen. Bossa Studios explains that the idea of ​​the development of I Am Bread appeared at the last meeting of developers dedicated to the planning and development of new games. Regarding the release of the game time is not yet known.

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