Centrino notebooks brochures deprived of references to the clock frequency of the processor

Centrino notebooks brochures deprived of references to the clock frequency of the processor

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Some of our audience relevant to portable computers, should remember that our website is among the first in the Russian-speaking space of the Internet published the news about the first laptop tests Centrino platform that combines the family of Intel 855 chipsets, processors Banias core (aka Pentium -M) 1 MB cache and 0.13 micron process technology and wireless adapter Intel PRO / wireless 2100. According to the preliminary estimates, the advantage of the platform over classic Pentium 4-M may be up to 30 % -50 {13ad98f1a176fa38960af76c400 a11f1f95edf1d5eff0e2a7b023afac9c5172e} at the same clock frequency and the duration of battery operation without recharging could be up to 5-6 hours, which is 1.5 times higher than the typical figure for the current models. What is also important, dimensions and weight of these laptops have noticeably decreased in comparison with the previous generation of mobile computers.

Since the release of that same news has flown more than two months, and actual samples Centrino laptops in large numbers demonstrated at the CeBIT 2003 trade show, the prototype did in the test lab specialized sites (one review, we have already mentioned here). Moreover, following the official announcement of the platform began to appear the first proposals for the order of notebooks from various well-known manufacturers. By the way, one of the most popular domestic "in notebooks" brand, the company Rover Computers, is already taking orders for these laptops, the combined series of Nautilus. For this reason, supporters of the "home producer" can taste all the delights of the new platform by the end of April.

Talk about Centrino platform performance today, we do not plan, we are interested in another question - how it will be presented by experts in marketing advantage Centrino Intel platform, is the large "specific performance". In principle, the introduction of PR-rating for these solutions do not hear anything - such a move is very atypical for Intel. At the same time, some manufacturers are at a loss and do not indicate the clock speed Pentium-M processors on advertising notebook Centrino:

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Compare - the same Toshiba demonstrates the Mobile Celeron clock speed without the slightest hesitation:

This cunning sin not only Toshiba, Gateway North American manufacturer of computers also hides the "truth about the megahertz":

And the truth is that one megahertz clock speed of the CPU in the Centrino platform accounts for most of the performance, when compared to the Pentium 4-M and even the Mobile Athlon XP, using the rating for a long time. How to convey to the end user who is used to evaluate performance in megahertz, which Pentium-M at its low clock frequency (1.3 GHz - 1.6 GHz) can easily "beat" counterparts dvuhgigagertsevyh type Pentium 4-M? The task will not be easy, and a large part of the burden should lie on the clad in neat jackets shoulders Intel :) marketers.

In this situation, the mismatch "specific performance" processors from different generations is nothing new - just remember the desktop version of the Pentium 4 on Willamette core. At the time of its release these processors lost productivity older models of Pentium III on Tualatin core. Personal, people are used to, and again began to calculate the "steepness" of their gigahertz systems. Therefore, in the case of a Centrino situation is exacerbated by the fact that the gap between the "specific productivity» Pentium-M and Pentium 4-M much more noticeable. Talking about the absolute comparison in the case of mobile platforms also difficult for the reason that the power saving means to dynamically regulate the performance of the processor, and a saving mode performance is significantly reduced.

One way or another, but the company Rover Computers openly shows in their specifications clock speed Pentium-M processor, and the problem of "conversion" of the new in the old gigahertz falls on the shoulders of the consumer. Inflate "the elephant of a fly" is not worth it - with time people will get used to a new level of performance, as always in such situations ...

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