VC invisible or unnoticed

VC invisible or unnoticed

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Hello dear readers! Many are the users of social networks, but some of them use such sites do not live his appointment, for example, listening to your favorite music, visiting interesting pages and communities, and does not want to be distracted by incoming messages and alerts. If you are among the same, then we will teach you how to turn on the "invisible WC". Thus, you will be able to sit on the site Vkontakte, but for the rest vybudete Off-line.

Invisible VC from the computer

There are some simple ways to incorporate invisible VC with your computer or laptop:

  1. Go to APIdog site. There you are authorized by entering a username, password, and select the type of operating system. Note that this service may not work as well on mobile browsers, so stealth mode can be enabled by this method and on smartphones and tablets. We add that this application for several years successfully used by millions of users, so it is the most reliable and safest of its kind.

By cons APIdog are: very simple appearance and the presence of occasional glitches and bugs.

invisible VC

  1. If you use the Chrome browser or Firefox, we can download the plugin Vkfox. It also allows to be in stealth mode, the VC at the time, in fact you will actively watch the news or listen to music.

invisible cr

Once you download and install the plugin in the browser at the top of the right plug-in icon will appear.

Vkfox plugin

And now we go to the finish line: click on the icon that has appeared in the browser, then allow access to the account, and eventually go to the settings to adjust the visibility of the website.

Vkfox plugin

But! As soon as you write someone a message, comment on someone else's photo, then immediately appear "online" icon on your page. Remember this!

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Invisible VC for android

If you own a smartphone based on Android and want to be become invisible VC, then go to the Play Market and download the application KateMobile. You can also download the application from the official website "It is possible to be offline" mode, you can activate it in the settings. Also in this application, there is a wide range of other features that the official version does not have a FaceBook.

Invisible VC for android

That's it, my friends! We hope that our article has helped you and now you - Invisible VC №1, and even Sherlock finds! See you soon!

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