Memtest86 3.2 - update known unexpected memory test

Memtest86 3.2 - update known unexpected memory test

05.26.2019 0 Author admin

Memtest86 utility was once considered the most reliable tool to find errors in memory modules, but the long absence of updates and the emergence of serious competition considerably shaken its position. In particular, it is the lack of updates and can not run on the new chipsets pushed at the time third-party developers to create their own version of the program called Memtest86 +, the benefit of the original version was developed with open source and GPL-licensed.

After the appearance of the first few versions of Memtest86 + unexpectedly renewed and its progenitor, the original version of Memtest86, which is somewhat confused users. Then the same program again fell into a long "hibernation", and for the past eight months before the users are not faced a dilemma "that use?» - Memtest86 + is regularly updated, in contrast to his "ancestor". Who is the author of Memtest86, it seems determined to finally confuse users, releasing a new version with a lot of changes, which uses part of the source code ... "rival"!

List of the new version of Memtest86 3.2 changes are as follows:

  • Two new, highly efficient test based on the patterns of random numbers (tests 4 and 6).
  • Reworked command system:
    • Changed names for clarity.
    • Removed Cache Mode menu.
  • Added detection of new processors AMD, Intel and Cyrix.
  • Redesigned system of tests:
    • Removed inefficient tests with the lack of caching (tests 7-11).
    • Caching involved in the second test.
    • Fixed a bug that allows you to skip certain tests.
    • Added ability to release their test Bit fade.
  • Now, the error messages are highlighted in red for better visibility.
  • Added support for a large number of new chipsets (from Memtest86 + 1.30).
  • Added ability to change memory timings of some chipsets directly from the program (from Memtest86 + 1.30).
  • Made miscellaneous fixes and optimization of the program code.

As you can see, the utility has incorporated itself and quite substantial achievements of their colleagues, once again confronts us with the question "so what should I use?". Given the way the two groups of developers love to copy each other's good ideas, the answer to this question seems to be the use of newer, currently this version of any of the programs  .

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Download novelty possible from our file archive:

  • Memtest86 3.2 + ISO (52 KB, Windows / DOS) - from a bootable ISO-version.

From the developer's site you can download additional versions in Linux:

  • Memtest86 3.2 source code (128KB, Linux).
  • ISO Memtest86 3.2 (40 КБ, Linux).

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