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All human emotions are divided according to the category of feelings. Compassion, desire, lack of confidence, compassion, generosity, headstrong ... and others are located in different proportions at all. The same sweet smile hides a secret plan anything. Interest in other wakes up only when they have something they do not know but are afraid to ask - a typical uncertainty.
I just caught the eye of some examples of the behavior of teenagers on my today's busy logic. It was quite amusing to watch their impartiality: Girls to ogle the boys from the neighborhood, and the male sex in the meantime played PSP, listening to music, or fell asleep on a wooden desk surface. How cute is not it? Typical - "We are still on your class" - have greatly pleased, because they have dug their own graves. Today was a rare sunny day, on this I had the idea to plan a lesson on the outside, but as you can see - not fate. Until today, I had about 4 classes of logic in this audience and I strongly pursued the idea to warn the children of today's control, but as you can see it too - no luck. Although previous classes did not differ much attention on the part of adolescents to read the basic rules and lecture me was not difficult. And they listened to me or not - that is their business. On the other hand, when the chalk under the direction of my hand lay on the board, shrill reluctantly, and began to withdraw the name of control, all instantly alarmed. In my opinion, this study has never been so lively as was at that time. All sorts of disturbances in my address, and even some of the pleas on the abolition of the task reached my ears. How nice, after all these children are first his whole appearance made it clear that it is not configured to communicate, have begun to actively expressed in no contentment, typical - uncertainty. Get their attention never was easy, but sometimes it is not required. And sometimes, ignore them indifferent enough, but not on your nelly not ignore their own.

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