The computer does not see the stick.  What to do?

The computer does not see the stick. What to do?

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Hello, friends! We will be glad to share with you useful tips in our today's article on the case when the computer does not see the stick . Immediately it should say that the reasons for the fact that the flash drive is not displayed, there may be several, so consistently analyze each of them!

The computer does not see the stick, because she broke

If you connect a drive that is not displayed on the device, do not rush immediately to look for a mistake in the system. Perhaps just in a flash drive lies the problem. Pay attention to its structural condition: the case must fit "sit", and nowhere nothing should fall off. Very often due to careless use or absence of the cap violated the integrity between the connector and other parts. And as a result - the flash drive is not displayed.

And it happens that the flash drive can simply be "flooded", while in the outer pocket of the bag in the rain. By the way, almost always stick equipped with a diode, which lights up when connected. If you have responds to light, then try to connect a USB flash drive to another gadget, of course, if such a possibility.

the computer does not see the USB flash drive

The computer does not see the stick because of the port fault

Incidentally, it is common cause that the flash drive is not visible - Faulty port. Over time, it starts inside "become loose" or all can burn, which leads to a bad connection between the devices, or its complete absence. And yet, on a PC / laptop always has several USB sockets, and is that not everyone is responsible for the connection to a foreign function drives. Therefore, each test port, and do it better than a few stick.

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More information about the types of USB read in our other article.

the computer does not see the USB flash drive

Incidentally, a similar situation with the slot, but in the smartphone, it may be the reason that does not see the phone SIM card.

driver failure - the reason that the flash drive is not visible

Any flash drive in his memory contains the driver. He always starts automatically when you connect the device to the unit. However, on a Windows system, as we know, there are failures and flies some settings. To remedy the situation, on the desktop "My Computer" right click and go to "Properties". Then click the "Device Manager", and then on the "Controllers USB». Before you swim out a list of the devices that were once connected via USB to a PC.

Now you need to insert the drive into the port and wait for the "blink" list that we opened earlier. If the error will be in the driver, one of the components must be submitted to change the name. That's it, and we want to remove by clicking the right mouse button. Once the stick is necessary to remove and insert back. Such manipulation is usually solved the problem that the computer does not see the stick.

If you do not know what the driver, our article will help you figure it out.

the computer does not see the USB flash drive


It is also common cause that the device does not see the USB flash drive is installed on your computer (notbuki) viruses, which may block a USB flash drive if it contains software (utilities) that may harm them. Viruses in this case, the "protected". So do not neglect the installation of anti-virus and do diagnostics PC as often as possible.

Or maybe vice versa, when the flash drive - the carrier of the virus. In this case, to make it work properly, you need to check it for the presence of unsafe files that you want to delete.

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How to install Kaspersky Anti-Virus FREE - Article, which might be useful for you.


Visibility BIOS flash

If these workarounds do not work, you should look in the BIOS setup. To reach them, you must turn on your computer, not leading to a full load operating system, press the Del or F2 key.

Should open a window with different tabs at the top. Click on «Advanced», and then on the «USB Configuration». Note the parameter «USB Controller», it must be activated, ie, in the «Enabled» mode. If you have made any changes in the settings, you need to save them. Press the Esc, so you will get to the previous menu setting. Once again, press Esc. There will be a button «Save & Exit» click on it and confirm the selection by pressing the «Y» (Yes = yes).

flash the BIOS setup


Now you know the most common reasons why the computer does not see the stick. We hope that our recommendations were helpful and were able to solve your problem! If you encounter any unforeseen difficulties, write in comments, we will be happy to help!

Maybe you will be relevant for the topic "how to connect a USB flash drive to the phone."

See you soon, friends!

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