China reported on the development of a national 22-nm process technology

China reported on the development of a national 22-nm process technology

04.06.2019 0 Author admin

Chinese newspaper "Pravda" - Xinhua (Xinhua) - published the winning report on the development of China's national MOSFET-transistor with a gate length of 22 nm. For a country whose technological capabilities had barely begun to unfold - it is more than a significant achievement. Special details in the note no. Actually, the mass audience of the central party publications China's little to understand the datasheet of development. It stated only that the process of work in this area started the Academy Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMECAS) in 2009 and is based on the traditional far-HKMG process (metal shutters on the insulator with high dielectric constant).

But "academic" working out - this is not the start of production, although the level of Chinese technicians is growing year by year, with nothing to argue, nobody will. Until now, China could not really boast of independent development of advanced semiconductor manufacturing technology, and 22 nm - this is quite a leading edge of science.

Under the influence of CoCom laws (Coordinating Council on multilateral export control of technology) in China for many years it was forbidden to bring the most advanced technology. First this hole pierced company STMicroelectronics, handing a major Chinese manufacturer of semiconductors - the company SMIC - 90-nm and 65-nm process technology. Then the donor SMIC, IBM began by teaching China a 40-nm and 28-nm process technology (the commercial launch of the 28-nm manufacturing company SMIC expects to start in the summer of 2013). If the 22-nm process technology developed by the Chinese themselves, the more they can catch up with their former donors technological or even surpass them, that will be a real nightmare for Western manufacturers.

We should also question China's cooperation with Taiwan. Taiwanese manufacturers have advanced technical processes that are better mastered Chinese. As China plans to 2020 to establish closer relations with Taiwan, and it is not that simple, though formally they represent a single state, the technological cooperation of Taiwanese and Chinese companies can reach a new level. There is Japan, which is displaced from China (see. The recent riots) and is ready to go to make serious concessions, but would support its economy. It can also help the technological convergence of Chinese and Japanese developers.

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Since this amount prospects certainly not pleased with the Western bloc countries, we should expect all sorts of opposition and response. In the meantime, the United States has taken steps to return the high-tech industries in America, including shares to support the commissioning of the plants major Asian players such as TSMC and Samsung. Without this, put pressure on China - it's like to cut the branch on which you sit. And it will continue to see.

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