How to make money on the comments on the Internet?  Overview QComment

How to make money on the comments on the Internet? Overview QComment

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Good day! Recently, accidentally discovered a new (to me) way to make money online and I want to share this news with you. This method will be useful if you want to learn how to make money online on the comments and feedback .

Of course, since you can earn on exchange Advego, but still more than Advego sharpened by the sale of high-grade papers, and now we are interested in comments - small and not so small. Therefore present to you the exchange QComment comments (call kyukomment or kukomment as you want, I prefer the first one).

However, I hasten to disappoint you a little bit (some of you). Not all take an exam for literacy. And without it, you will have quite a few opportunities to make money in this market. But more on that later.

Earn on the comments and not only

And now I would like to briefly show what it is capable of exchange, and that it is waiting for you on. A small overview QComment opportunities so to speak. So, QComment you can:

  • Earn on the comments and feedback (on the forums, or corporate websites). And not always, these reviews have to write themselves, but sometimes you just will grant you to leave them under your login.
  • Capitalize on Like and repost on social networks such as VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and others. And to join the group and a subscription to Public. Still have to pay for a vote, as in the sotsstyah, and other resources to authenticate via social networks.
  • Capitalize on watching videos (although this is less common).
How to make money on the comments?  example tasks

It is the task of the 1st rank. Targets 5th grade are estimated at about 10 times more expensive.

QComment: Home

It sounds epichnenko. So you've signed up, confirmed the email and went to the stock exchange QComment comments with your username for the first time.

How to make money on the comments

Click on a picture

The first thing you will get a short Tutorials to know where things are and where you want to press to take a job to complain about the customer in case of what, etc. etc.

Then you will need to perform two tests. One is related to social networks, and the second will have to watch the video on YouTube (again a training and useful) and make it a screenshot (how to make a screenshot?). It is important that the screenshot could see that you have viewed more than half of the video .

Now you have become available all the tasks associated with social networks. They are quite a lot and have a place to roam. But where comments? How to make a comment? And still does! To do this, you need to pass the exam on the stupidity of literacy. And you do it only one attempt ! Yes, the saying "Try not to torture" prokanyvaet's not, unfortunately.

QComment - how to pass the exam?

It is very desirable to pass this exam, because otherwise you will be very limited opportunities for work. You can only work with social networks, and in fact you can earn a lot more comments. In addition, you will not be able to raise your rank and the rank is directly related cost assignments. Ranks talk a little later in the article, and is now focused on the question " How to pass the exam on QComment? ".

To pass the exam you will be presented with several themes to choose from, which you need to write a short essay (500 - 600 characters). Judged to be the way you are able to express their thoughts and spelling, of course. How much is 500 characters? It is about 2 medium-sized paragraph.

I have to write the examination text took less than 15 minutes. This is despite the fact that at first I did not notice the limitations of 600 characters and dashed off by as much as 1 100 characters, and then also took the time to cut the text without affecting the basic idea. Well, I coped. exam test takes from the jury to 5 days, sometimes longer, but my creation tested the next day. The result is positive, Volodya happy!

So, how to pass the exam on QComment:

  1. Clearly and correctly express their thoughts
  2. Avoid grammatical and punctuation errors
  3. Do not forget that you have only one attempt!

Thus here, only literate guys take in QComment. But you can cheat a little bit, because now you can easily check the spelling and free online.

Ranks in QComment

From the author rank on QComment directly it depends on the income of the author. In total there are 6 ranks (0 to 5). In the screenshot, you can draw attention to the conditions necessary to achieve each rank.

Ranks in QComment

Ranks in QComment

Points to reach the rank you are given for each completed task. Also, if you are aiming to reach the 5 grade, do not forget to pay attention to the failure rate and average unique text you write a comment. Experience a unique text, if you do not know.

The conclusion of the Review Exchange QComment comments

In this article you learned how to make comments on the Internet, and we did a small survey of exchange comments QComment.

Honestly, I have not had time to work closely with this exchange. Only had time to perform a few simple tasks even before the exam on literacy. This means that on QComment is the second article with a response about how and how much I was able to capitalize on the comments. But you can get to work, not waiting for me to recall and compare our results and opinions about this exchange.

Read about all the ways to make money online, which we have tested!

From the reviews I had read, I realized that to make a comment on QComment people managed more than articles on Advego. But it is a matter of taste ... and the principle. Because often by leaving comments on any product, you have to invent something, and sometimes even brazenly lie. And whether all like to deceive people? I think no.

And what else do you know the way to make a comment? Maybe even some good exchanges prompt? And what do you think about this? Share your thoughts in the comments. We discuss them together.

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