How to make a menu in a group in the VC and you arrange

How to make a menu in a group in the VC and you arrange

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Today the social network VKontakte offers a lot of opportunities. Many people manage to earn a lot of money in it, creating a community-based news of public, specialized groups and even full-fledged trading platform. It is not a small role played by design in such groups. We'll show you how to make a menu in a group to the VC , which will help to achieve beauty, comfort, and most importantly, functionality.

We will learn to add a graphical menu VKontakte the most simple type. But these basics will help you in the future to come up with and implement a menu of any complexity and design it to your liking. The work is divided into three stages.

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Stage 1 - Preparing Photoshop menu

  1. For a visual example of how to make a menu, we found the right picture on the Internet. It is important that the image width is not more than 600 pixels (because of the VC). We will choose the width of 400px. This naturally will be charged at our design. Specify the dimensions is possible through the combination of keys Alt + Ctrl + I. Note that the height should not be specified, it will adjust proportionally.
How to make a menu in a group in the VC - we are working in Photoshop

This is how the menu will look like our group VKontakte

How wide to make the menu in the group in VK

Changing the width of the workpiece under the menu group

  1. Next, you need to cut the image into pieces, which then we will assign the function menu buttons. We do this with a special tool "cutting out".
Cutting out VKontakte group menu

cutting out the image to create the menu buttons

  1. Now save the image to the group VKontakte menu in WEB format through a combination of keys «SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + S».
We maintain our menu for a group of VC

Saving the Menu buttons

  1. At the output we get the folder in which you will be in all parts of the original image.
How to make a menu in a group in VK

Saved "Button" menu

Step 2 - Start a wiki markup VC menu

  1. We turn to the group VKontakte. The first step is to go to its settings and under "Materials" set to "Restricted."
  2. On the group go to the tab "Recent News" main page. Click on the label "Edit."
  3. You called Wiki editor, where we will create a beautiful VKontakte menu. Now change the inscription "Latest News" on the "Menu" and download with a special icon in the form of an image of the camera that got at "cutting out" in Photoshop.
  4. After downloading all the images, click the edit "Wiki Markup 'mode by clicking on the editor toolbar <> button. Here you will see this type of menu code.
[[photo449038873_456239150|400x82px;noborder| ]]

[[photo449038873_456239151|400x70px;noborder| ]]

[[photo449038873_456239152|400x57px;noborder| ]]

[[photo449038873_456239153|400x72px;noborder| ]]

[[photo449038873_456239154|400x68px;noborder| ]]

[[photo449038873_456239155|400x70px;noborder| ]]

[[photo449038873_456239156|400x83px;noborder| ]]
  1. If you save the page and click "Preview", then below you can see a prototype of the menu. While it looks bleak: between keys whitespace.
How to make a nice graphical menu in the VKontakte group

While looks are not very nice

  1. Let us edit the code so that all fell into place. To do this, add a tag nopadding in each row. As a result, we get the following code:
[[photo449038873_456239150|400x82px;noborder;nopadding| ]]

[[photo449038873_456239151|400x70px;noborder;nopadding| ]]

[[photo449038873_456239152|400x57px;noborder;nopadding| ]]

[[photo449038873_456239153|400x72px;noborder;nopadding| ]]

[[photo449038873_456239154|400x68px;noborder;nopadding| ]]

[[photo449038873_456239155|400x70px;noborder;nopadding| ]]

[[photo449038873_456239156|400x83px;noborder;nopadding| ]]

Please note that the transfer line in the editor Enter button is not necessary, it will cause an error. Following the preview mode, we see that all the menu buttons fell into place.

Stage 3 - place a group VKontakte menu with links

  1. How to make a graphical menu VKontakte not only beautiful, but also interactive? True, it is necessary to add links to the buttons. Since in our group do not have anything other than the home page, all of the buttons will lead to it. You can insert any links, depending on your needs (photo albums, discussions, documents, and so on). Paste the link into each line of code instead of a space before the closing brackets -






  1. Now we align our menu in the center with the help of tag
[[photo449038873_MY HID part of the code ... club173497067]]
  1. Our menu is already running, it is necessary to place it on the wall in the group. To do this, click on the words " MENU " in the upper part of the window and copy the link from your browser's address bar.

How to add a menu in a group in VK

  1. Now create a new post on the wall on behalf of the community, and insert the link. As you can see, the record appeared graphical link on the menu. Remove the text link and click "Submit". The post will appear on the wall, hook it at the top. And ... and we can use! Menu works! By the way, go in it, you can also link directly beneath the cap group.

How to make a menu in a group in VK

  1. Note, in this post, you can add any image. Then it will also serve as a reference to the menu.

Image-link to the VKontakte group menu

Now that you know how to make a menu in a group of VC. As you can see, nothing daunting about it. And let the "terrible" Code Wiki markup does not scare you! Good luck!


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