How to promote a group or Public VKontakte?

How to promote a group or Public VKontakte?

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Good afternoon, naipochtenneyshie! How much do you remember, in the last article we detailed all the questions about creating, configuring, and even delete a group VKontakte. it would be the next step to find out very logically, what to do next with his group (or Public). And then you need to develop it and to spin. So let's talk today about how to promote a community VKontakte. I have to say that my group is still very small, and I have not tried all the free methods of promotion of communities. Let's develop together.

I will add that when I created the group, thought I'd fill it with content only similar in theme with this website. Then rethink everything a little, thinking that now nowhere without humor. Now a group of approximately 70-80% of the humorous posts, about 10% of the scientific facts and discoveries, and about 5% repost articles from this site.

If you need a comfortable and beautiful navigation through your group, read an article about how to create a graphic group VC menu.

How to promote the VC community for free

It goes without saying that the free methods are less effective than paid. Plus they are also more labor intensive. There have already chosen you that is closer to you. You can pay and enjoy instant results, but you can work and enjoy the process and the result of their labors.

Next we look at some of the most popular and easiest ways of promotion without any sophistication. You can adhere to the sequence outlined methods. I will try to organize it logically.

  • Cheat group members special services
  • friends invitation
  • The correct name for the group and a description of
  • Frequent publication of posts
  • Conducting contests
  • Mutual PR with other groups

Cheat group members special services

This method should be used the first, because, to begin to unwind the group need to ensure that it was at least a certain number of members, even if it is fake web. It is better if they will be around 300-1000 people. And from then on it will be easier to untwist the community.

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There is another nuance - it is not necessary to wind in the group 1,000 participants at once in a single day. This will cause suspicion on the part of the administration of the VC. It is necessary to gradually unwind. First, for example, 50 people a day, then 100 and so on.

What services for generation of fake groups to use? Here are the three most popular. You them enough for the eyes.

How to promote community

Services free promotion of community

  1. - very cool service with lots of possibilities. Not only can you cheat the community, but also to earn real money, only small.
  2. - not less steep service. But here it is impossible to make, because there is only paid huskies that can be spent on the huskies on repost and stakeholder groups. Use this service for a long time. Even when unraveled another group, but too lazy to me then overcame = -D
  3. - works on the same principles as the previous two. But if a small advantage - it is the price (in case you want to pay and save time).

Services, of course, very tempting, but do not overdo it. Any of your abnormal behavior in excessive amounts can be punished by freezing your page. Another note that many members of your group eventually turn into dogs, but not all. It is necessary to monitor and remove the dogs. If there will be more than 40% of all members of your group, such a group may be blocked.

Some of these services, where you can earn money just Like other people's pictures, we will review soon. Watch for changes on the page that lists all the possible ways to earn money on the Internet. Page is constantly updated and growing.

friends invitation

This method is suitable for you only if you have created a group. If you have created a public page, we advise you to temporarily switch it to the group and popriglashat their friends, and then convert it back into a public page. So many do.

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You can invite a group of up to 40 people per day. Of them actually come to be about 15 to 30 people .

I have this figure was much lower, because I used my "second" account, which had a lot of friends, but many of them were fake web and the majority did not go to the VC more than six months. So I have 40 invitees joined the group only about 4-10 people per day.
How to promote community

Invite friends to group

When you run out of friends, then you can add more friends and then invite them to a group. But it is better to set up an additional account "to work."

By the way in any case do not invite them personally and throws them a link to the group in your private messages, and then you will be sure to block spam. To invite your friends to a group, use the special button in the group menu.

The correct name for the group and a description of

It is, in fact, is the SEO optimization . How it can help in the promotion? Also like! If your group would find in the search for the VC, it will give a significant advantage to new subscribers and participants. So you need to think about it and come up with a name of the group to his theory could often search through the search for groups, and that there was not much competition. Competition you can look in the VC itself, driving in the search for groups in turn are more or less appropriate to your group name, and despite how many groups with the same name already exists.

Description of the group works in a similar way, only focused on the search engines. After all, if your group will have more traffic from search engines, then it is not bad. Right? Fill the group description as much detail.

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Frequent publication of posts

Participants in your group should not be boring. Take them with new content. If they are bored, they will leave the group , and this can not be tolerated. If you can publish new content every hour or two, it will be super. More likely that someone will make a repost, and thus will your group your friends.

Conducting contests

Contests motivate people to take action. You do not necessarily need the money or material prize. You can offer as a prize place a group moderator. Thus, you kill two birds with one stone - and the contest will spend (popiaritsya), and the employee will find free.

Mutual PR with other groups

This latter method from our current list, but not the last of its performance. Find the group about your level of development, and it is better if they are a little better in your group. And invites them to mutual PR repost by advertising posts or posts with just placing the advertisements and links. Many will be happy to collaborate with you, you'll see.


It is advisable not to use a preferred method of promotion and use of all the complex. It is this approach you will get the maximum effect, and the result will not wait long. Good luck to you in promoting your group! In addition, well-advertised own page will also be a plus fat in the promotion group.

If you know of any more good free ways of how to promote a community, then please share. It is very interesting to me. And not just me.

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