The story of the cooling system of video card Radeon 7970 and its replacement by AC Accelero Xteme Plus 2.

The story of the cooling system of video card Radeon 7970 and its replacement by AC Accelero Xteme Plus 2.

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Schastlivym becoming the owner of a new, very powerful in the month of March a video card - AMD 7970, production-model XFX 7970 Black Edition operating system
, the first thing (taught gorkikm experience with video cards Radeon 58 xx series) I decided to check clamp teplosemnoy card frames to all other heat elementam.Perevorachivayu and oh shit! AT THE spider clamp cooler warranty stickers! Let no one, and as many as 2! Well, yes, I an old bird, and know how to remove them without damage: hairdryer heating and neatly with a thin knife and tweezers
That's very insides card-
I was interested in the question of cooling VRM.I knowingly something that I saw put me behind in stupor.Termoprokladka they had not the slightest trace of a clip !!
Press it to the law enforcement bodies should this one protrusion
And then again, as in the first batch 58 series on marriage teplosemnoy frame -vystup this lack of height (by the way, I was the first person to figure that out on those maps) .Znachit again have to look for 0.3-0.5 mm copper plate, to clean off the paint on this ledge , lay down the plate in the thermal pads, and on top of it termopastu.Togda security forces will be as it should be otherwise ohlazhdatsya.V worse, thermal pad recoil from the heat itself will act as termosa.Vozmozhno that's why some people on the siloviki such temperatures, and the first cards have begun to burn.
But clamp thermal pads on the siloviki is running in memory, as well as to be -yavny trace pressing
the next day at work I found a copper plate 0.4 mm thick and cut out a thin strip of Neve .Now it is necessary to again disassemble and repair.
Taking off at the base of the heat chamber that factory -izgotovitele called thermal paste was ready to beat anyone missed it!
This is generally a scratch-borzota sdelat.Kak could, cleaned and zapolirovat to zerkala.Proverit on evenness impossible -ploschadka this utoplena.Zato at the stone-paste do not regret has spread in every direction like crap, it barely laundered alcohol and remove the excess with a scalpel. was immediately used MX- 4.Otpechatok turned out normal.
Further, siloviki.Otchistil ledge above them sandpaper, zapolirovat nulevkoy.
 With the work took a strip of copper 0.4 mm, it is also zapolirovat and put on the ledge on the same MX- 4 gathered to check if now clamp? Is-
Well, here in Haven rezultaty.Esli under a load of 99 % there's even 54 * it is quite neploho.Mne think so ....
 And all would do, but the noise from the turbine under load me dasazhdal pop full :x .Prichem algorithm scored in bios card without creating constant speed and the turbine speed changes all the time, and even changes made by me in the timetable for its work in the separation cooler AB is not strongly pomogli.A addition, it is a problem Radeon are their bios and sootvetstvenno- turbine operation at normal speed is not begins with turning on the computer, and several pozzhe.T.e. originally turbine roars like a vacuum cleaner 100 % speed-also on the most pleasure.
Therefore, I was not even doubt that the reference cooling should be changed.
The only proven and possible solution for this effektivnivnoe -kuler production Arctic cooler Referring again to my previous card was AC Accelero Xteme Plus 2.
It is just necessary to me, and the pressure plate from him under the AMD graphics card also remained intact.
Yes, that's bad luck, if before all Radeon distance between the gripping holes cooler was 53 mm, then 7970 it was changed to 54 mm.Izvechny question-What to do?
At first I thought to fill existing holes in the clamping frame racks cooler epoxy, and drill the new The openings with thread, but with a diameter of 3 mm as in the original, and 2.5 mm -To thread as it was on the outside slice of the old (the benefit of the cogs in the home were 2.5 ) .But comrade dissuaded from this idea and offered to remake the stoyki.On knocked the old, and in their place in my drawing machined brass, and put the new with the necessary distance
, which he did, for which many thanks to him and a glass ....
But there is one unpleasant nuance in the difference between the cards from Nvidia, the previous and new Radeon 7970.
At Nvidia GPU itself, like Intel, closed lid of stainless steel, on older Radeon video chip has been around protective frame, but it was exactly the same height that he himself kristal.Na new maps as crystal, with respect to the protective frame is recessed by 0.2 mm.Zachem AMD did understand-nevozmozhno.Vystup on the sole reference SO much more than the 0.2 mm.on comes to 1 mm, ie no protection from cleavage Krystal is now not in pomine.Kto blame-bit otchiki or manufacturers are unknown.
Those. this model is cooler like me, with a completely flat base in native form is not suitable.
On the company's 7970 speakers on this sole milled ledge .A me what to do? But on a branch on the cards resulted in the website address where you can order a thin copper plate adapter for older models such kulerov.Chto and gave me an idea what to do, I have the same copper plates, 0.4 mm thick, cut to the same adapter kristal.Prichem one purchase, the adapter is of course 0.5 mm.Luchshe thickness to the plate thickness was 0.2, but there -that is, and thus had to be satisfied.
And another problem had to be solved-cooling silovikov.Na reference level of CO it works quite effectively, provided the frame for pressing thermal pads, but I did not get to use thermo-radiators can not be pressed.
Just, also on the occasion, the house lay hotmelt Arctic Silver.Davno lay dela.Goda 2 ....
This is his time and his prishlo.Po descriptions on the manufacturer's website stated that he has a very high electrical resistance, but a large percentage of pure silver in it does cause me great concern regarding tokoprovodnosti.I second question with him is an epoxy resin with a silver-filled nakleyat Knuckle, and how to remove, if necessary? Vyderat elements from the board?
So I took the advance 2 aluminum radiator, the mixed glue, and nakleyal one radiator to another .
The next day I checked the tester resistance of the adhesive to the 2 sides of the smaller radiatora.Pokazalo beskonechnost.Vrode can sleep peacefully, and how to remove? The heating radiator is a simple little female hairdryer I took it easy with kleya.I this problem is solved.
You can nachinat.Pervym thing I checked resistance caps security forces, and that's the devil! It turned out that they are electrically conductive, and not only in themselves, but in the series have among themselves whether kontakt.Idet them talk I do not know, so not enough the adhesive dielectric, it is necessary that the radiators do not touch these caps, and were only on the layer kleya.T.e. press the radiators to the lid can not be !!!
Now radiators on crystals pamyati.Kleyat them to the same glue I do not hotelos.I again saved me old-home inventories remain a few strips of adhesive thermal conductivity 2storone plenki.Vot her and I cut and nakleyal on the radiators for memory.
So, now to business.
The first thing I degrease all boarding a plane and the radiator, and elementah.Razvel glue, took a toothpick and apply it to the security forces (blade mixer is too big for this), nakleyal adhesive security forces .Because heatsinks on the memory .Not forgotten and the small radiator nakleyat the same adhesive and the security forces is a memory couple stands alone and should be quite narrow radiator for her .
Looked at the results of their work, and oppa! A radiator on security forces, which shifted from drosslely slightly to the side are now concerned rezistorov.Etogo still not enough! Let them warm, but to tear off (once seen the wrong glue spread so quickly grabbed ) .Nu anything, took them off, took off the old glue, spread new and already in this time checked to nothing to nothing to touch.
You can try to collect.
And it does not sit down !!!!!
What is it ?? Let's see what way? And what do I see?
1) Free-standing radiator nakleyany memory adjustment rests on the pressure plate.
2) On the other hand-all radiators nakleyanye a number of memory chips is also prevented.
Soooo ... Begins ... ..
removes all Radika memory series, glue them on film (once nakleyav, the second time will not be held) and paste the new shifted back from the chip 1-2 mm.
And that high Radik do? Again, save zapasy.Nahozhu in zagashnikah almost flat radiator on the memory.
Glue it again-here is now collecting the whole village into place.
It remains to deal with plastinkoy- adapter.
For better heat conduction between the adapter and the cooler I originally wanted to use as a thermal interface liquid metal, that for a long time lay at home.
And very much on the plate pasta on crystal plant.
What to do, then I start to apply the liquid metal rubbing it with cotton (and looks, well, just mercury) and then I see a couple of small droplets of metal have fallen off the plate and so uyutnenko settled between the minivan around Krystal!
Uh no children, so it will not go into the furnace-metall.Mne this short is not necessary (and the conductive metal) .Snimayu I had to hell with the plate, with great difficulty I catch tiny droplets around the stone, and on top of adpter nanoshu simply paste .Imenno just-MX-4 is over, I left only Noktua-too at a decent level.
Now, like everything.
Collect the cooler on the card, put back bekpleyt that also left another from 5850, but had little to saw holes from 53 mm to 54mm.
With a sinking heart run (even crossed his fingers and prayed to God himself) kompyuter.Zhdu ... and now I hear the squeak-awaited motherboard videokartu.Vse defined in the order.
Well, it is now necessary to verify that I have received from all of this ...
A few tests to check:
For comparison: Lost planet 2 reference CO  
And this is with the AU: 
I'm not doing its job udivlyayus.Arktik minus 23 degrees, the noise like the Refah in 2D mode at 1200 rev / min .. 3 it turntables

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According to measurements by a laser thermometer for Radick that siloviki prikleeny- + 32 gradusa.S back side of PCB warm but not Molten.
And odin.Heaven 2 .This before replacement -
This is after CO -  17 degrees raznitsy.Po noise-as if in a 2D mode.
Here are 2 Comparative results .Stalker pre- , post-Stalker  19 degrees difference.
An important question, the VRM cooling, the ill-fated silovikov.Na reference CO termosemnaya plate, provided that it is a good clamping handles this with a bang - and that can show 4 thin radiator?
Of course the temperature is above 10 gradusov.No still within reasonably acceptable.
Do not be confused by such high speed fans on the last skrine.Kak I above govoril- in turns turbine control algorithm incorporated such skachki.A I plugged the AC fan control to the connector on karte.Estestvenno changing the AV control graph on a more aggressive
That's probably the whole story of the reference Radeon 7970 cards CO, and about the possibility of replacing the reference to CO AS Accelero Xteme Plus 2.
If my raskaz and my experience to someone progoditsya and help, he wrote thus not in vain.

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