IBM had a hand in the production of Trinity processors?

IBM had a hand in the production of Trinity processors?

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Official sources have reported that Globalfoundries in the second half, with the support of the traditional "technological donor» IBM master at being built in New York State factory Fab 8 chip release on 32 nm technology using HKMG. In the future we plan to make the transition to 28 nm technology. As we can guess now, we are talking about the issue of Kaveri and Kabini hybrid processors in 2013.

Colleagues from site X-bit labs found in the statements of AMD leadership in a meeting with analysts interesting context to interpret in their own way. In particular, the head of AMD Rory Reid said that some samples of chips are available now in close cooperation with a number of partners, from IBM to Globalfoundries. Colleagues took this information as a direct allusion to the issue of hybrid processors Trinity involving IBM facilities. I must say that in the early stages of development of AMD technological processes before resorting to IBM services and new plant Globalfoundries is located in the same region with the laboratories and factories of the "blue giant".

It is believed that it was a problem with the 28-nm process technology Globalfoundries AMD forced to stop issuing Krishna and Wichita hybrid processors in the current year. It is possible that as an additional insurance charge AMD release of the 32nm Trinity processors at IBM. In favor of deepening cooperation AMD and IBM can talk and the fact that the current CEO of the first company in '23 he worked at IBM.

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