GlobalFoundries may miss 5 nm process and move from 7 nm to 3 nm

GlobalFoundries may miss 5 nm process and move from 7 nm to 3 nm

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GlobalFoundries company is no longer interesting to us as one of the largest contract manufacturers of semiconductors, as well as the company's partner AMD. The success of AMD Ryzen and GPU Vega processors was achieved (including) successful and timely virtually embedded in the factories GlobalFoundries process technology with the norms of 14 nm. future products will ensure the success of the technical process with the norms of 7 nm, which the company also promises to introduce in the stated period (the next year). But here the following technical process may be not a 5-nm process technology, and 3 nm.

In the recent past, GlobalFoundries missed the introduction of 10-nm process technology (looking at Intel attempts can and did the right thing). Similarly GlobalFoundries may miss 5 nm process. In any case, as recognized by EE Times reporters the new CEO of GlobalFoundries Kaulfild Tom (Tom Caulfield), the company is not yet certain that the technical process with a rate of 5 nm will be widely in demand by customers. But here's the 3-nm process technology company not only introduce, but also plans to build a new plant for its implementation.

The construction site has not yet selected plant. The manufacturer wanted to build a plant in the US, which already operates an advanced factory Fab 8. But in the US manufacturing remains either not profitable or marginally profitable. For example, if in the German factories GlobalFoundries to bring every dollar invested 25 cents of profit, in the United States do not. Therefore, the company can build a 3-nm enterprise in Germany, Singapore, or China. In China, as time, GlobalFoundries is completing the construction of the new plant, to invest in offering all comers, and even competitors (with the money is not much, yes). In the case of construction of a new plant in the US, the company will rely on state aid.

One of the strengths of GlobalFoundries is the presence of both factories and service to develop custom LSI (ASIC). Similarly, a combination other than it can only boast of one more company - Broadcom (strange, that they forgot to mention the Samsung). Development of ASIC GlobalFoundries company inherited from IBM, which plants GlobalFoundries absorbed in 2015. By the way, the current director of the company used to work with IBM leadership and recent years led plant GlobalFoundries Fab 8. The previous director GlobalFoundries - Sanjay Jha (Sanjay Jha) - was fired for failing to extend the manufacturer's customer base. In this regard, the new chief promises to GlobalFoundries in 2020 to find new customers and to double the revenue.

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Release of ASIC starts to gain popularity, confident in the company. GlobalFoundries now helping to develop customized network solutions and solutions for AI. The companies are aware that the development of SoC for smartphones - it is not their strong point, but the supercomputing market it will be able to draw. Separately, GlobalFoundries recognize that their competitor in the face of the company TSMC reached unattainable skill in the creation of 2.5D and 3D packaging chips. On a mobile in this direction GlobalFoundries will not be able to compete with it, but for the server market it will be able to offer interesting options for the spatial packing of chips.

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