GeForce 9600 GT Green Edition: power consumption is not more than 59 W

GeForce 9600 GT Green Edition: power consumption is not more than 59 W

05.26.2019 0 Author admin

Recently Singapore associates already reported that NVIDIA is preparing to release video card series GeForce 9600 GT Green Edition, which will operate at a lower voltage GPU. This will reduce energy consumption and the electricity bill, as well as make the world a little cleaner from the ecological point of view. Anyway, this is what will be read slogans designed to promote a new video card.

Today the site ExpReview published new information on the GeForce 9600 GT Green Edition, which must be submitted in the near future. As promised, core voltage is lowered from 1.1 to 1.0 V, and frequencies - with 650/1625/1800 MHz to 600/1500/1800 MHz. Video cards can be used as the design of their predecessors, as well as your own. additional power connector they do not need at all. power level should be reduced from 96 to 59 watts.

Timing of the announcement and the recommended price of GeForce 9600 GT Green Edition is not specified. It is hoped that the savings and environmental concerns do not turn back to the buyer the high initial cost of the video card.

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