Photos of processor sockets Socket M2 and Socket S1

Photos of processor sockets Socket M2 and Socket S1

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Although the number of processors in the performance of legs Socket M2 our Chinese colleagues have said, the closer acquaintance with the prospects of the spread of this connector allows you to see the situation more or less holistically.

Japanese site Experts PC has published photos of connectors Socket S1 Socket M2 and more in the past month, but it is now these photos have come to a place, illustrating the latest news about AMD's plans for the transition to the new platform. Since the demonstration of the first examples of Socket M2 class of systems will take place in August, motherboard manufacturers started to get samples of CPU connectors of this type, as well as the guidance documentation on the design boards.

Here they are, connectors for AMD Next Generation: Socket S1 mobile processors Mobile Athlon 64 and Turion 64 (left) and Socket M2 desktop Athlon 64, Athlon 64 X2, Athlon 64 FX and the Sempron (pictured right ). As we reported in 2006, all desktop processors AMD will be transferred to Socket M2, including the single-core Athlon 64 with ratings 3500+ and above. It is logical to assume that a significant portion of the processors in the performance of Socket M2 will be based on 0.09 micron process technology.

Socket S1 will be home to the majority of true mobile processors. The number of legs is reduced from 754 to 638, which obviously will affect the reduction of the size of processors and motherboards. Will be present in the mobile segment and processors in Socket 939, but they will have two cores and treat the class DTR, so mobile they can be called a stretch. Rather, they deserve the title of "portable". By the way, some sources believe that in the mobile segment can appear processors in Socket 754 with two cores.

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As the number of contacts Socket M2 to once again return to plan for the Athlon 64 value of 940, many users have been dreaming to see the compatibility of processors in Socket 939 and Socket 940 with this type of connector. Alas it was not to happen, and not only because of the existence of differences in the wiring contacts and stress. Socket Socket M2 will have a different arrangement of "Keys", mechanically blocking alien processors when trying to install a jack. In the photo the difference in the location of key circled in red (Socket M2 left, Socket 940 on the right):

Actually, this story about a new processor socket can be and finish, as the audience for a meeting with them is already well prepared. We are waiting for the first reviews of the performance of the new platform:) ...

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