EA promises that reissues Command & Conquer will be microtransactions

EA promises that reissues Command & Conquer will be microtransactions

05.26.2019 0 Author admin

This week on the social network Reddit expanses went Jim Wessel, producer Electronic Arts, and in the past - a member of the development team to Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars and Command & Conquer Red Alert 3. Mr. Wessel has published a special appeal, which clearly hinted that the publisher is considering the idea of ​​release of remastered classic Command & Conquer for the 25th anniversary of the franchise in 2020.

This message was received by the gaming community with enthusiasm, but not without skepticism and negative thoughts. For example, one of the users Reddit began to worry that the EA «Screw" in the republished version of the ubiquitous classics micropayments. Well, at least on this score nostalgic players can no longer worry: Wessel said bluntly that no microtransactions in the reprinted version of Command & Conquer will not be introduced.

Recall that Electronic Arts plans to collect constructive feedback and advice from the gaming community, in particular, one user has already proposed to make the interface easier to remaster and the corresponding year of its release. Official information about updated versions of classics yet, so we can only wait.

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