For those who have little space at the substation.  :)

For those who have little space at the substation. :)

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All nizhenapisannoe is not advertising, it is merely an attempt to help you solve some problem of the SS ...

pmi: I want more space !! Dedicated to ...

What is the problem?

The problem is banal ... Size Size matters ...
you register on the personal page, and you 500kb for the first month ... + 500 for another second ... Malova something will ...
Already a few days after registration, I also faced the problem of lack of space on your PS. Indeed, the first 500kb clogged very quickly, increasing the quota to wait a long time ...
What should I do? Do not delete the just uploaded?


No, of course not deleted. You just need to find a place somewhere else ... And the records to insert links or images from another server ...
So ... the method to solve the problem we found, but what about the means of addressing?
Because solves the problem of the SS - a free service, then consider paid hosting as a means, it would be foolish. We need a good free hosting. Yes ... it was not such an easy task. The conference has a branch Free Hosting. There are links and descriptions of different hosts. But we have some other selection criteria than the author of the branches. We just need a place in the files and hassle-free access to them; php, MySQL and others. We are not interested.

What hosting to choose?

I will not give an analysis of all hosts in a row - this will be a long and tiring, both for you and for me. I'll talk about hosting, which I got interested ... my search for the ideal file-based archive for Substation

Let's begin ... - free hosting of AGVA. Earlier case I had not see him ... What offer?

  1. Unlimited space. a justification of its necessity need to get places.
  2. Run your cgi scripts. SSI, Perl.
  3. The ability to use PHP4.
  4. Access to the database (MySQL)
  5. Third level domain name Over time, the purchase of second-level domain. For interesting projects may receive domain, in this regard, please contact [email protected]
  6. Forwarding all mail for your domain to your own address.
  7. Access to server logs.
  8. FTP access to your virtual server.
  9. Help in the promotion of your website. We are profitable to you go to the people, so we will put a link to your site, you advertise in ezines, providing favorable conditions for the use of our web services. Over time, the supposed union of all projects in a single portal

Um ... the first point immediately makes it clear that for us unlimited space is not exactly for us as holders of the SS, all the items are useless ... hmm ...
Well ... take a look at [url = http: // .shtml # erase] FAQ this hosting [/ url]:

removal of conditions:

  1. Sites in which the user did not change anything after the registration (in particular, have not changed the default index.html file in the user's home directory after registration), will be removed within two weeks. The user will be warned about the alleged removal of twice in one week and one day before the removal.
  2. Sites, which the materials were not requested within 30 days from the date of last access to any documents of the site equal to the previous paragraph and the measures applied to them, in line with previous paragraph.

Conditions give reason to assume that the use of "site" as a repository can ... but:

H1.Ru Administration Policy is as follows:

  • Initially given a quota for the site at the rate of 60 MB.
  • These 60 MB of disk space can be used for storing any kind of data, with the exception of the following file formats: exe zip rar gz tar bz2 bz tgz lha lzh arj mov avi mp3 mpg mpeg wav au qt mpe midi ra ram rm. "Wrong" files will be deleted without warning.
  • the error message will appear when trying to download the file "wrong" format.
  • Also introduces a limit on the size of the allowed file formats: file can not exceed 500kb in size.
  • When the general popularity of your site and the high attendance of it, you may be allocated additional space ...

Um ... really bad, but I decided to try ... to make at least Wallpaper'ov store. Agava hoster known enough, let's hope for the speed and convenience, yet it is their bread. Checking in ... problems with the registration no. We go through an FTP Total Commander 5.5 PE, too, no problem. Uploading multiple images. At SS do insert pictures through the [img] tag with a link to the file from our archive on the Hill. Check - all the shows. I am pleased! Cool! Now there is 60 MB under "Gallery" class! But "not long music played ..." I went through some time, and the picture is not displayed. What? Maybe the problem with Opera? I went through the Explorer - the result is the same Climbed to look for a solution to host ... no longer remember where, but I found the answer ...
It turns out the whole thing in such a wonderful thing as advertising. Where without it. The fact that the server has a custom script to each page of your site code adds the two banners. You want it or not, and the banners will be on top of each page - a free host - be patient. And it turns out that the site is not beneficial to allow access to images from other sites, banners added some will not.
Literally I can not remember, and look for a long time, but there is such a condition that all the files will be available only requests from the Hill. That is inserted into the page image will only be available / displayed if the page is an automatic Google "site" to "website", which of course is on the Hill. And in this case to a page, which is our image, pritsepyatsya, thanks to the script, two banner ... Catch? No ads - no pictures.
Terrific ...
+ "no pictures" direct link is not downloaded ... sends them to the server ...
... looked reklamku? swing, road, health ...
I tried to make a "how to" and insert in the record of the SS link to "page with a picture." And my advice to you, my friends, do not even try to do so. This is terribly uncomfortable and time-consuming. In general, long freedom-overclocker (in my face) tolerate such oppression did not ... Hill was rejected Maybe he is good, but for our purposes exactly. Figures, as they say, with him

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  1. Easy to remember, easy site name: name can be up to 14 characters, except letters are allowed to use dashes and numbers.
  2. Mailbox ваше_имя, with which you can work through the web interface or from your email program.
  3. Unlimited disk space for your website.
  4. Possibility to build a website in 60 seconds. We have more than 100 templates designed by the best designers: photo albums, a collection of links, resumes, personal pages ...
  5. Access to files via ftp.
  6. The possibility to create a website using any editor, as well as to transfer the finished site to the people of any place where you feel bad or you do not understand.
  7. Guestbook and hit counter - if you want to know how often come to your page and that think about it.
  8. Daily statistics visits to the site.
  9. Individual (with free entry) or private (password) chat.
  10. Catalog with the headings of the first and second level: your site is easy to find like-minded people.
  11. A forum where you can ask a question and get an answer.
  12. Customer support, which is always respond to all your emails and help solve problems.
  13. The opportunity to promote a site: the owners of "popular" sites receive a 20 percent discount for advertising on Yandex, and the possibility of price-lists easy export "of Yandex.Market". And we hold competitions with interesting prizes.
  14. ... and a great company!

And what of all that we need? Hehe ... but almost nothing is encouraging only 3 points. People - one of the most popular free hosting in RuNet seems so simple and affordable ...
And whether there are restrictions? There are, of course, just find them a bit more complicated.

Enjoying User Agreement (UA ) 7. Do not place:

  1. use of the website solely as a link to another Web page
  2. transmission or distribution of materials for advertising purposes or for the dissemination of any information if you have no legal authority to do
  3. creating and placing hidden pages, images, or files, access to which is not possible with the other pages of the site;
  4. placement and promotion of child pornography and eroticism, as well as the advertising of sexual services;
  5. public offering and / or transfer of illegal nature of the information, including materials, incitement of national hatred, incite violence against any person or group of persons, or to the inhumane treatment of animals, calling for the commission of illegal activities, including clarification of the application of explosives substances and other weapons, etc.
  6. limitation - by a password or otherwise - access to web pages and other files on the site, incl use archives with passwords..
  7. disruption of the normal order of communication in the network, including the use of settings that impede the exchange of information in real time, including the "scroll" the screen at a speed that does not match the usual ability of users to input information, the discovery of additional browser windows, etc.
  8. location of files and archives exceeding in total volume of 5 megabytes ( in this case a multi-volume archive as one file (!))
  9. violation of the appearance or operational capabilities of any elements that Yandex is implementing on a web page, including control panels, background images, logos and advertising banners; while if the standard banner is automatically inserted into your page by Yandex, is not displayed or are not entirely due to any special features of your page code, you must change the code of the page, to ensure the normal display of this banner, or manually insert a page banner code proposed by Yandex for a static installation as alternative to the standard (see. for more details)
  10. hosting the online intellectual property, which are decorated with copyright if you do not have permission to place these objects of intellectual property in the public domain.

removal of conditions:

  • Your site on the hosting, and with it, and all the additional services (guestbook, personal forums, chat, community, etc.) Will be deleted if within 4 months of the site was not a single visit and never updated content.

There is a large enough experience in dealing with the "people" as the pumped there since and download from there. Under the site is allocated 100MB, but a small download speed and poor access - quite common for this host. It may be more tolerant and ... but that's what the situation with the insert images and uploading files is completely analogous to the situation on the "Hill" does not leave any chance to "the people."
Erase from the list of contenders ...

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Amillo - free hosting server. So reads the inscription on the main. I was not familiar with this hosting ... And it actually is?

  1. Unlimited Disk Space
  2. PHP4 support script
  3. SSI directives support
  4. Access to MySQL
  5. the ability to disable Banner
  6. File Manager
  7. Packing / unpacking Zip-files
  8. Sendmail support
  9. support parolirovannyh directory
  10. a simple URL of your site: (, etc.)
  11. unlimited FTP-access
  12. unlimited HTTP-access
  13. fast activation
  14. Daily back-up your files and databases
  15. Support second level domain name
  16. convenient single mailbox
  17. Powerful servers and fast channels

It should be to impress us ... but not
bad See item 1, 9, 11, 14 ...
... 17 point is very impressive ... well, wow!
It seems like you can Zip, 7 hints at this point ...

Look into the Bible novice - FAQ:

Close Your site may for the following reasons:

  1. The service as a file archive (store music / movies / warez / etc.) without creating your full website with high-grade visitors.
  2. Ie spam to send unsolicited e-mail messages to people
  3. The service for purposes contrary to the Russian and international law, violating the confidentiality of the information, or cause a malfunction of the system.
  4. The service to host malware (viruses, trojans, exploits).
  5. Use of WEB-page primarily as links to other WEB-page;
  6. Any erotic materials.
  7. Attempts to cheat the system inserting banners, text links and a banner.
  8. Attempts to hack the servers of our and / or any other hosting company in the network, as well as our clients' sites.
  9. If on the site for 30 days was lower than 30 unique visitors. Sent a written warning, and if no response within 7 days, then the site will be deleted.
  10. Attempts to hide, move, or change the advertising banner inserted automatically by us.
  11. Using intensive PHP scripts.
  12. Sites in which the user did not change anything after registering 7 days.
  13. The administration reserves the right to discontinue your site for any other reason not listed above.

If a site violates paragraphs 2, 4, 6, 8 - it will be removed immediately and without their reasons.
Also in violation of paragraphs 2,3,4,8 information about the owner of the site is transferred to the respective authorities.

Um ... how do you? I said the first item all ... Although I try not mind pressing the button on the wonderful [registration] I like magic, underwent the page with the inscription deep content:

Registration is closed for 24 hours due to the upgrade server.
You forgive me for such an irony, but otherwise this relates hosting I can not. At the end of those 24 hours, guess what happened ... well ... nothing. I again met this mysterious inscription ... A day later, I began to think about the sanctuary, the hidden meaning of these words ... they continued to hide behind the [registration], frightening wishing to register ...
Going through the week, I have not met these words ... Strange ... register ...
FTP ... error. ??? Again I climb in FAQ, read ... connect ... error ... So I fiddled half an hour, and spat on the matter. Most likely the problem in me .. I do not correctly configure the FTP client, but taking into account FAQ: 1 item to remove, I did not consider the additional waste of time this hosting rational.

In addition to the [url = http: //] FAQ [/ url] is an interesting point in the shortened form was:

  • You can put a direct link to the file located on a free hosting from another domain, but only for files with the extension htm, html, php, php3. On the other can not, all other files should be opened or downloaded only from links are on the page of your account on a hosting. Those. You can refer to it at any page and any of our hosting domain, but other domains refer directly to this file is no longer possible, it is necessary to refer to the page on which, to be a reference to the file.

In the same way as on the Hill and the people. Under this category fall and images that we have to insert directly into the recording and not make notes such as: "To see ***** go url = {HERE}"
So, despite the fact that there is also a point:

  • You can place any type of file, but not more than 35 megabytes / file

    And was no choice PSnika Though I speak for all, perhaps, I can not ... well, at least my choice, he did not exactly.

    There would have been time to lose hope ... free web hosting that is suitable to us, it is difficult to find ... They want us to sites they do ... Ha ... not wait There is a freebie in Russia
    The world is not without good people! kv0 , for which many thanks to him, suggested that free hosting is on I'm interested in - though already tired of fruitless search, but the file was needed. So ... let's see ...

    New Mail - Web Hosting Company Online resource center. Not exactly a hosting and a set of free services, which may include free web hosting.
    We offer:

    • provision of free mailbox capacity of up to 32MB in one of our domain.
    • providing free domain name in one of our domain.
    • providing free web space up to 32M for placing personal page.
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    The third point is consonant with our goals ...
    I decided to sign up. When registering are invited to consult the regulations. As usual, no one for anything not responsible , but there are some interesting points to us:

    • "New Mail" reserves the right to advertise in the web interface and user messages. Advertising on the Web pages are not placed

    User agrees to:

    • Not register in the system more than once.
    • Do not place:
      1. The data is the intellectual property of third parties
      2. Password-protected archives
      3. non-text files that are referenced from other domains
      4. page while downloading that one way or another are redirected to other domains
      5. files that hide the index file, and that there are no links with other non-user hidden pages of the site
      6. links to websites containing material that is contrary to Russian legislation
      7. passwords generators, cracks and crack cocaine
      8. files in the wrong f The format of performance (for example, files in mp3 format, presented as the html)
      9. pornography
      10. The information on earnings on spamming or wrap counters
    • Use at least one of the services of the "New Mail" (web-based, POP3, IMAP, FTP) at least once in 50 days. After the lapse of 47 days did not use all the services of the "New Mail" the user is notified of this letter to his e-mail address on the "new mail" and its email address provided as a contact for registration.

    Sounds good. The first item
    Register proceeding normally. After this procedure, I'm going to box menu. Place in the drawer and "site" are one and the same - 32 MB. Ie it in half deljatsja between the box and the "site". But it is easily "cured" by moving the slider towards the priority "site." As a result, I had 31M space for the archive. Though files jumps us again redirected to the hosting, insert pictures works without limitations. Class!
    Particularly pleased with the lack of necessary visits to your "site" as a condition of his not remove. FTP access works without problems, it's what I use for managing files on the server. Everything works quickly enough, I have not seen interruptions. If you are a frequent visitor to my PC, it can estimate the download speed and availability of files. Because for more than two months, all the pictures that appear in my records, including Wallpaper's, are stored in the archive on Although still some problems with the jump archives have: iron3k (he lives in Israel) said that he does not pump, although other pumps without problems.
    Now I have on the SS employs just over 500kb, although quota 3Mb. The archive has about 13mb of good
    in the course of using this host he found another interesting feature: when you specify the folder address in your "site", which does not contain the index.html, automatically generated list of files in the folder, indicating the date of creation and size. This is a great feature that allows you to effortlessly organize access to downloaded files. See for yourself how it works on the example of Omsk Team archive. I just created a folder and uploaded to the photo and video. What else is needed for the archive?
    It is this host has become the habitat of my archive for PS ...

    So, guys, there are not problems to be solved . The problem of lack of space at the substation is solved, store pictures and other files on third-party servers ...

    Setting up FTP Total / Wincommander client for the "New Mail"

    For those who have decided to follow my example, I will tell you a little about the FTP client configuration - Total / Wincommander. It's very simple ...

    To begin with we shall understand that we have the following entries:
    [Site name] - it is the name of the drawer. Select this when you register (I - 4upuk)
    [domain_name] - domain name which will be your site. Also chosen by you, but the list of proposals (I - nm)
    [parol_ot_FTP] - password to your mailbox, is also used as a password to access via FTP. (everyone has his own )

    As a result, we get a "site" with the address:

    [Site name] . [domainname] .mobi (in my case -
    To create a new connection, you need to select the menu Network (Net) , etc. Connect to the FTP-server ... (FTP-connect ...) or click on the FTP icon on the toolbar. In poyavivshemya window, select the Add ... (New connection ...)

    Next, fill in the required fields:

    Headline (: Session) - this is the name of the connection.
    Chosen at random.

    Server name (the Host name [: Port]) - is the name of the FTP-server newmail'a.

    Account (the User name) - Your login
    Writing: [Site name] # [DomainName] .mobi

    Password (the Password) - it praol access to email and FTP-server
    Writing: [parol_ot_FTP]

    Here is an example, as I have:

    Everything. After that we connect and work like a normal disc. However, there is a limitation: you can not flip files from folder to folder, we have to redownload. So first think where to download ...

    I hope it somehow help you. Let your PS to be meaningful!

    [Content PM]

    Telegram-channel @overclockers_news - a convenient way to keep track of new materials on the site. With pictures, extended descriptions and without advertising.

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