Dell: corporations only started to actively upgrade to Windows 7

Dell: corporations only started to actively upgrade to Windows 7

04.06.2019 0 Author admin

The corporate sector has always been conservative enough in terms of the transition periods for new Microsoft operating system, since migration implies an enormous amount of work and a lot of surprises in the form of problems with software compatibility - this is not to mention the cost of licensing the new platform, which in conditions of prolonged many companies are trying to reduce the financial crisis.

Dell officials have complained about the quarterly reporting the conference that the founder Michael Dell has chosen not to attend that awkward interface of Windows 8 seriously inhibits the growth of desktop and notebook sales volumes this manufacturer. No joke, the operating profit of the corresponding units for the year decreased by 65 %. Accordingly, in general, the company received 79 % less net income than a year earlier.

As the site CNet, take the rap for missing the chief financial director of Dell's quarterly reporting the conference called on all those present to look at the issues of Windows 8 more sober popularity. Update computer park corporations are now stimulated mainly due to the transition to Windows 7 from an earlier Microsoft operating systems. That is, the company decided to leave only with Windows XP and Vista, and of Windows 8, few people even think. In corporate users views, Windows 7 reached a reasonable degree of maturity, to begin the transition to it. Especially that Microsoft is "burning bridges" linking the Conservatives with Windows XP.

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