CPU-Z 1.50 - A utility for identifying and recording processors overclocking results

CPU-Z 1.50 - A utility for identifying and recording processors overclocking results

04.06.2019 0 Author admin

New version of popular CPUID-utility called CPU-Z. The program is designed to identify the major components of the system, displaying detailed information about the processor, motherboard and memory (the processor's name and number, the technical manufacturing process, the kernel name, packaging, frequency multiplier, supported by a set of instructions, a cache of all levels; motherboard : manufacturer, model, information about the system logic, BIOS version, graphic interface for RAM: timing, frequency, and information from the SPD). It gives basic information about the software components: operating system and version of DirectX.

As a rule, used to fix the record, and not only the acceleration of the results (for example, our database of processors), as well as checking for compliance with the declared characteristics. It supports reading test system on X86-secret site.

In this update:

  • improved poderzhka AMD Phenom II processor
  • Added support for NVIDIA 740i system logikik
  • Fixed several minor bugs

The program can save detailed reports in HTML or TXT files, for which there are corresponding options and command-line switches.

Download and test a stable version is available at the following links:

  • mirror.

The discussion is in this branch of our conference.

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