AutoGK 2.55 - a stable version of the famous package for video encoding

AutoGK 2.55 - a stable version of the famous package for video encoding

04.06.2019 0 Author admin

Completed testing a new version of a package called AutoGK. The program is designed to transcode DVD and separate video files (one at a time and batch) in MPEG-4 format, rather XviD or DivX. As a source other than DVD or MPEG-2 can act AVI / DV-files, as well as the transport stream, recorded, for example, from a satellite. Understands the tracks in AC3 format, DTS, MPA, MP3 CBR / VBR. It can work with video in HDTV format (c resolution of 1920 and up to 60 frames), both as a source and as an output format. It allows you to connect an external subtitles files or embedded.

Formally, AutoGK is the only automated shell that combines DGIndex utility, AviSynth, VobSub, VirtualDubMod. For the original format meet individual codecs XviD / DivX (the latter is necessary to download and install it separately). As a result, the user is virtually eliminated by fine tuning of important parameters responsible for the quality, as almost driven to program the ideal algorithm automatically selects the necessary settings for the specified size and resolution.

In the stable release:

  • XviD codec is replaced with an older, stable version 1.2.1
  • renewed ColorMatrix (detail) filter

Download stable release can be one of the following links:

  • mirror.

For beginners, it is desirable to get acquainted with official guide in Russian.

The discussion is in this branch of our conference.

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