Asus Vento 3600: a stylish case with the "visor"

Asus Vento 3600: a stylish case with the "visor"

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Series production of the housing Ascot 6AR Asus (Compucase / HEC) have won a well-deserved popularity among connoisseurs of good-quality solutions with a good combination of price and quality. Now a series of buildings has grown and acquired new functions, which is what the additional side air ducts to cool the processor, the more powerful power supplies and device for reading memory cards. The color scheme corresponds to modern trends in computer fashion: besides beige buildings with blue inserts are modifications of black color with silver accents.

The chassis has been so successful that it has adopted the company Thermaltake, when the established production buildings Tsunami series. Overklokery among other advantages appreciated presence of two hull 120 mm fans which possess good efficacy at low noise levels. In addition, the "input" and the fan cools the hard drives to the basket, so to address this issue separately there was no need.

Last summer came the first mention of the case Asus Vento 3600 , who had a spectacular appearance.

Experts "vintage" buildings once caught similarities with cases in which the company sets its own system of Alienware. Meanwhile, Asus Vento 3600 and has its own unique charm, incomparable charm with super sports car: powerful nose air intake and "visor" cover the optical drive bay, which to access the compartment must be lifted up.

In addition to red, in the scheme provided for blue and green. Last depicted in the photo:

Under the plastic "body kit" sufficient strength lies fairly compact metal chassis. The housing has four external 5.25 "bays, one external 3.25" bays and three internal 3.25 "bays. Two internal 3.25 "bays are removable HDD cage. Particularly housing design is not allowed to place a greater number of "seats" for hard drives, so the possibility of expanding the rather modest.

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In addition, the basket with wheels no longer blown directly "input" by fans - they are placed somewhat lower. Actually, the plant is installed only one front 80mm fan, the second user must be purchased separately. Blow-out runs 120 mm fan, but it is possible to replace it with a 80 mm and 92 mm model.

On the side of housing cover, which opens by simply turning handle large, there is an opening for air intake, equipped inside the duct. Thus, the CPU has a personal channel for receiving fresh air. Unfortunately, the design of the duct enables its effective use only a radiator of classical design having "vertical" ribs. For example, so popular today, "a colossus with feet" strung with heat pipes "horizontal" plates from the use of the duct will not win. They require an air supply side rather than the top.

As always, expansion cards, and a basket of hard drives can be removed and installed without special tools. Modders will love the exterior of the housing for the "luminous» UV-paint and lighting elements on the front panel, and other users will appreciate the presence of four USB ports and two audio connectors on the front of the chassis. Unfortunately, a large power button can not compensate for the lack of a button Reset, but this sin many modern housing.

The frame is made of steel sheet 0.8 mm thick. Overall dimensions of the body 308 (W) x 527 (H) x 627 (D) mm, decorative elements consuming space tangible part. Net weight is 11.2 kg, power supply in not supplied .

By the way, the latest feature configuration specifies the orientation of the Asus Vento 3600 the market of prestigious buildings. Enthusiasts prefer to be installed in the housing unit of the desired power supply alone, Asus is to offer only the models with capacity 300/360/420 Watt. Note that excluding the cost of the power supply, the housing price will be quite high - $ 200 for the Russian retail sector. However, for stylish solutions from the eminent manufacturer it is not so much. The advantage would be the Asus Vento 3600 and the prevalence of the company's products in our market. Supplies of buildings of this series on the domestic market will begin next week.

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