AMD A8-3530MX: senior mobile processor Llano

AMD A8-3530MX: senior mobile processor Llano

05.26.2019 0 Author admin

With an assortment of features and Llano desktop processors in the performance of Socket FM1 we are already familiar with, but in fact, the first to conquer the market should start to their mobile counterparts in the performance of Socket FS1, and we are about them almost know nothing. Turkish website Donanim Haber decided to fill this gap, and published the characteristics of the older model of the number of mobile AMD Llano processors.

Like desktop counterparts, these quad-core processors will carry the designation type «A8-3xxx», only in the end of the name will be the letters «MX». In particular, the model will have four A8-3530MX core, 4 MB cache in the second level, clocked at 1.9 GHz (in Turbo Core mode, it can be increased to 2.6 GHz). It supports dual-channel DDR3-1600 memory type and DDR3L-1333. Graphics core Radeon HD 6620G get 400 stream processors, 128-bit memory interface, DirectX 11 and UVD 3.0 support, as well as the ability to work in conjunction with a discrete graphics core. GPU frequency equals 444 MHz.

Support for processor performance Socket FS1 provide chip AMD A60M and A70M, the latter provides support for four USB 3.0 ports. Apparently, at the time of announcement of the Sabine platform will use the A60M chipset, more progressive A70M come later.

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