Albatron PX865PEL-800.

Albatron PX865PEL-800.

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Since then, in my possession came Intel Pentium-4 2.4C, operating with a clock frequency of 300 MHz, I do not lose hope to pick up a cheap motherboard that could ensure stable operation of the system at this frequency. This time I chose Albatron PX865PEL-800 . Inexpensive motherboard on i865P chipset with support for Hyper-Threading Technology and a nice set of features.

The motherboard I have been found: Socket 478 to install Intel Pentium 4; 3 slots for memory DIMM total volume of not more than 2 GB, and, when using doubl-sided mode, two memory modules installed in the slots DIMM1 and DIMM2; 1 slot FDD; 2 IDE slots; 5 PCI slots; 1 slot AGP 8x; 2 SATA 150 channel; Connector IrDA; block for connecting 4-x additional USB ports; integrated 6-channel audio AC`97. A standard set of external connectors: PS / 2 - Mouse; PS / 2 - the keyboard; COM 1, COM 2, LPT, GAME port; 2 USB 2.0; RJ-45 LAN; a microphone, a line input and a line output sound.

The package includes: Mainboard Albatron PX865PEL-800, loops FDD / ATA100, SATA150 cable, the SATA150 power cord, strap with 2 connectors USB 2.0, CD with drivers, user manual.

The test system consisted of the following components:

  • Processor - P4-2.4S.
  • Hard - IBM DTLA 305020.
  • Video - GeForce FX 5600.
  • Memory - 2 modules of 256MB PC3500 Kingston HyperX.
  • Cooler - Thermaltake P4 Spark 7.
  • Termopasta - KPT-eighth
  • Operating System - Windows XP (Detonator 44.03).

I turn on the system and, first of all, go into the BIOS. Let's see what possibilities it can give us to configure the system. So, under Advanced Chipset Features, in Manual mode, you can change the memory timings:

  • CAS Latency Time — 2; 2.5; 3
  • Active to Precharge Delay — 8; 7; 6; 5
  • DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay — 4; 3; 2
  • DRAM RAS# Precharge — 4; 3; 2
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A fairly wide range of settings. Look further. Item Frequency / Voltage Control. There can change clock frequency for processors that support bus 800 MHz to 550 MHz, while for the other processors to 255 MHz with a step of 1 MHz. But the next item, DDR: CPU Ratio, threw me into despair.

  • 100 MHz — х2.66
  • 133 MHz — default, x2.0, x2.5, x2.66 (Turbo)
  • 200 MHz — default, x2.0, x2.5 (Turbo)

For 200 MHz are only increasing x2 multipliers and h2.5, which means that everything is again rested into memory. Even with a processor, obviously clocked at 300 MHz to test the functionality of Albatron PX865PEL-800 at this frequency, you will need a memory at 600 MHz.

BIOS parameters to change the voltage on the CPU and memory are not too pleased with me. These stresses, relative to the default set values ​​can be changed to + 0.1V; + 0.2V; + 0.3V. The AGP voltage is changed to + 0.1V.

And one more point to useful settings - AGP / PCI / SRC Speed ​​Setting. There is a universal mode auto / auto / auto, or manually You can set the frequency of the 66.68 / 33.34 / 100.02 MHz and 108.0 / 54.01 / 160.03 MHz respectively.

2 memory timings have been exposed by default in the BIOS; five; 2; 2. On the Windows-specific timings flatly refused to boot, the system either hangs or left to restart. After setting parameters more benign 2.5; 7; 3; 3, it all went as it should. Expelling threefold cycle tests 3DMark 2003 v.3.3.0, 3DMark 2001 SE, Quake 3 Arena (demo four), UT2003 (flyby-inferno) with a resolution of 1024x768 and the default quality settings, I started to increase the FSB. It was possible to achieve stable operation of the system clock at a frequency of 240 MHz.

As I expected, for the Kingston HyperX PC3500 memory used by me, this frequency was the limit. If you increase the supply voltage to 2.8 V, she worked as DDR 480, and it is also a good result. The same tests I conducted at a frequency of 240 MHz. Get some extremely high results from Albatron PX865PEL-800 I was not expecting, but a certain increase still turned.

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On our site there was an article about Albatron PX865PE Pro testing. This mother at a frequency of 200 MHz, there are still two factors h1.33 memory and 1.6 x. That's just h1.33 factor here is not enough. It is unfortunate that my searches have so far not been successful. And most of the motherboard Albatron PX865PEL-800 I have nothing bad to say I can not. Normal inexpensive product with a rather poor possibilities for overclocking.

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